Mom’s Journey

October 10, 2005

As many of you know, my Mom is recovering from surgery. She was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer and underwent major surgery on September 21st.

October 20th she will see the Oncologist to set up chemotherapy. They want her to take chemo every three weeks. She is also doing several cancer fighting homeopathic things on her own.

Her main prayer request right now is that the fluid that was building up around her lungs will subside. They had to drain quite a bit of fluid off before surgery, during and afterward. They are monitoring this and said if it became a chronic problem they would put a shunt in so that it could be drained at home. She really doesn’t want this to be done. Pray that the fluid will not be a problem at all. She goes to the lung Dr. this Friday, the 14th, for him to check this.

She is doing well mentally and spiritually. She is amazing. Her faith in God through all of this has really grown. Her life is in His hands and she knows that she can rest in that – even though the road is a long one ahead.

I will keep updates on how she is doing here. Please feel free to ask questions and check on her often. Also look at Encouraging Crumbs for Mom (coming soon). You can leave a prayer, a scripture, something encouraging for her. (She has especially enjoyed people sharing scripture that they are praying for her!!) She really really appreciates these things to uplift her spirit. I will see that she either reads them here, or will print them off for her.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. They mean so much!!!



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  1. Thanks, Kevin!! I will give this to her tomorrow. She can’t get to her computer upstairs yet. She had a discouraging day, it’s so good to have people encourage her.

    How are you and your wife doing?

  2. Karen, I love your blog. The scriptures everyone has shared are wonderful. We are praying for Judy, and every night Tori remembers to pray for her in our bedtime prayer.

  3. Hi Judy,
    Mike gave me the website. Praying for you and the family. I know and understand what everyone is feeling and going through since my Mom went through cancer.
    Stay focus on the Lord Jesus, praise Him always!

    -Kevin Zeller

  4. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for praying and tell Tori “thanks”, too! People keep asking us what they can do. The thing we need the most of is prayer. It is truly the BEST thing that anyone can do. We believe that God is really going to do a work in her life and prayer will bring that about.

    We’ll have to get together soon. I’ve missed seeing you.

  5. I hope your Moms friends continue to visit her, my 2nd husband Paul had cancer and was in another town in a hospital, but he found out who his real friends were and there were’nt many. This hurt him more I do believe. He sure enjoyed a visit when he was in there.
    God bless you all. Tootsie

  6. Yes, Tootsie, I can already see the need for the continuation of visits. It has been amazing so far of the people who have come to visit. They came out of the woodwork. There were times when I really think Mom was too tired to visit, but she visited because it lifted her spirits.

    But with Cancer it is the long haul. Ongoing day in and day out. I hope that people continue to visit, too.

    That makes me really sad for you guys. It must have been a hard time and being in another town. It would get lonely.

    Mom and Dad are part of a phenomenal church. Just their Sunday School class has been something to see. I think they will make it a priority to continue carrying their burden through this time. I really hope so.

  7. you are in our prayers each day, we have asked our small group that we attend to on Thursday evenings to pray also,For you Aunt Judith and strength for the entire family. We love you.

  8. Hi Ron and T!! We are really enjoying your Mom up here this week. She has been a tremendous help to Mom. Thanks for posting! We love you all.

  9. Judy,

    “Storms may beat upon your garden, but the FATHER has covered each fruit with coats of love and protection. He will allow nothing to destroy what He has planted with His own hands.”
    ~Rebecca Barlow Jordan~

    As a SURVIVOR of cancer, know that not only am I here for you, but that I am praying for your recovery and total healing. May you feel His love and protection DAILY surrounding you and covering you with His SPIRIT.
    “Then the land will yield its harvest and God our God will bless us”
    Psalm 67:6

  10. Wow, Carolyn! Thanks for the encouraging post. I will get it to mom. How are you doing?

    Thanks for stopping in!!