Money really does grow on trees.

October 26, 2011

For some reason Evely has been infatuated with money lately. Not that she wants to go spend it at the store necessarily. Just the actual paper and ink of it. She spent one whole evening in her room cutting up paper into money and then coloring each one green and putting the different values on them. She then took them to school and handed them out. I’m sure everyone was ecstatic to get her pretend money. :)

So last night she came in with this….

She said she had found so much money outside that she didn’t know what to do with it all. She figured she would have to start giving it away. Kids are funny. I love hearing what they come up with.



One response to Money really does grow on trees.

  1. Would that we could all be that generous whenever we come across ‘found’ money. I certainly want to be in that place in my life where whenever I have “so much money” my first thought isn’t “what can I get for ME with this” but instead is “I guess I need to start giving some of this away”.