More Gratitude.

November 16, 2012

“On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence. ~William Jennings Bryan


Today I am making my Grandma Batt’s Butterhorn rolls. (I have the recipe for this amazing food phenom posted under edible crumbs.) Whenever I pull out her mixing bowls and dip the rich soft flour with her flour scoop, I go back. Back to days on a farm in Northern Missouri where I spent days and hours of my childhood. The little white farmhouse was nothing to speak of and by today’s standards would probably be an embarrassment. But to a young girl it was a place of joy and light. It was full of love and laughter at the hands and lips of my dear grandmother. She struggled with so many health issues and cancer most of all. However, when I visited there were no cross words, depressed attitudes or self in her. It was me she wanted to hear about. Me she touched and teased. Me she taught to cook and can. Me she taught to sew and play marbles. Me she allowed to bring countless wild kittens into her kitchen. Me she taught to sit with legs crossed and hands in lap as we sat in church on Sunday morning.

When I look back on her simple life, lived and died in that simple farmhouse, I am awed at her attitude. Her seeming contentment. I know that as a granddaughter I didn’t know all about her, only what she shared. I don’t know her dreams and hopes or her disappointments, and I’m sure there were many. What I did know was her strong faith in a God who sustained her. Her attitude that welcomed all and the joy she could bring with her presence. That doesn’t just happen. That comes from gratitude and acknowledging her dependence on a God who can do all things for us. He can bring contentment and joy to a life filled with heartache and loss. He can make us stronger through the trials. He can cause us to look outside ourselves and to touch a child’s life and make them seem all that is important.

So today as I roll out the butterhorns I will be thankful. For small beginnings. For my humble home and my health. For food on the table and for met needs. For precious children and ornery husband that I love and respect. For salvation from my great sins by One who died for me. He sat aside himself to make way for me live in His eternal home. All of it comes from a Hand that gives with Good Pleasure. All comes from One named Jesus that I must acknowledge my dependence on.



2 responses to More Gratitude.

  1. Reading your comments made me cry and remember my childhood and how much I loved your grandma Batt. Leona went with my aunt, uncle and me to St. Joe to a drs appt. She bought Gilbert some orange slices candy and let me have some. Leona babysat for my brother and me and told us to stay away from one area since there was quicksand. I am so sorry about your mom. Judith was about 10 years older than me and I thought the teenagers at church were so grown up and couldn’t wait to grow up and be like them and set in the back rows at church

  2. Linda, THANK YOU for leaving a comment!! I appreciate your sharing your memories with me. I smile about the orange slices. She used to buy those and share them with me too. I can’t eat an orange slice without thinking of her. Hope you and your family is doing well. Take care.