More Great News!!

June 12, 2007

I am sorry that I have let my days slide by without keeping up with my blog posts. I had planned to do a better job but my days with my three kiddos have been very busy.

I did want to let everyone know the good news we received today. Mom went last Thursday for a PET scan. She went today for her 5th chemo treatment and received the good report. The Scan showed NOTHING!!! She will still need to finish these last two treatments even the scan was good.

However, her blood count was so low today that they would not do her chemo treatment. She will go back on Thursday to have the count rechecked. If it is high enough then she will have it on Friday. Pray that all this goes well. She would like to have it done soon so it will not mess up some travelling plans.

Thanks everyone for your continued prayers!!



10 responses to More Great News!!

  1. Praise God!! It is wonderful to keep hearing such great news!

  2. That is great news Karen! I will continue to pray for your mom. Hope to see you guys soon!


  3. Hey, Michelle, thanks for stopping by and posting!! Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Thank the Lord. We are praying for you, Judy!!!

  5. Mom got her tumor marker count back and it is 15!!!! That is NORMAL!!! Please pray that she knows what to do about these last two chemo treatments. She is having a hard time with her blood count being so low and she is wondering about that last treatment.

  6. Thank God for a normal count!

  7. YAY! Praise the Lord!!! That is so wonderful 😀 I’ll pray that your mom will have wisdom in how to deal with the last two treatments. I know it’s got to be tough having to face them when things are already back to normal. I’ll just pray that God will grant her peace with the right decision.

  8. I am so happy to hear that her tumor count is normal! :worship

    Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! :band

  9. That is great!!!! So nice to hear positive news.

  10. Yeah!
    I am so happy for you mom.
    Also, I am going to miss brunch with you tomorrow. I so looked forward to brunch and having a good time.
    I have never been to a brunch and this would be good for me and all of us……
    Karen eat some for me too……
    Have fun. You are so kind and nice. Tell Jules I am sorry for not making it. I could come but have to do a glucose tolerance test all morning Sat to find out if I am diabetic.
    I sure hope I am not diabetic. My whole family is diabetic it seems….
    I am scared and I found out I only have a hernia, it is large but hopefully not hurting any organs. I have had pains on that side but thought it was just my colon problems….
    Anyway I am so happy for your momma……
    Take Care Karen,
    Kandis 😀