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November 13, 2008

After leaving Tsavo, the group continued toward the coast to Mombasa. There they checked into their hotel and rested up for the next day. This was the main reason for the trip – to visit the Child Development Center in Ngerenya. This Center has been sponsored by our church and several other churches for the past three years. Now that it is completed and is schooling the kids, our group went to check it out and see the progress.

Here is the picture of the school.

The bathrooms. These are interesting, when you walk in there is nothing but a hole in the ground. Eek.

Water is such a commodity here. They have two of these water tanks. They conserve water that comes through the gutters on the school. They put a can of motor oil in it and it floats to the top. That seals the water from any mosquitos laying eggs in it. They add a Tablespoon of bleach to the water every few months to keep any algae away and then siphon the water from the bottom.

They were greeted by many beautiful children when they arrived. Tom said it was moving to see them come running.

After being shown around they all got to work. They played games with the kids, made crafts and the men put together a swingset. The kids had never seen a swingset before and had to be taught how to swing. They loved it!

Playing a game. They are wearing necklaces that they made out of straws and yarn that day.

Tom teaching the kids to give “high five”. They also taught them how to whistle.

Stay tuned for more…


An update on Mom for all those that are keeping up with her this way.

She received the results of her Pet Scan on Wed. There is some cancer activity in three places that are just beginning. They want to monitor her tumor marker count before starting her on chemo again. They have another one scheduled for 3 weeks from now. If it skyrockets then they will start her on it immediately. They hope to get her through the holidays without having to start her on it, to have her feeling well and to give her body more time to recover from the last chemo.

We appreciate your continued prayers. They mean so much to us! Mom is staying very strong and optimistic. She is a fighter and I love that about her.




4 responses to More on Africa

  1. Love all the details about Africa. There are many similarities to Thailand. I am sure it was a moving experience for Tom. Are you disappointed that you didn’t get to go?

    I am also sorry to hear about your mom. It must be so difficult and yet the very thing that draws her closer to the Lord. My aunt passed away this September after 9 years of fighting. I often wished that your mom and my aunt could have met. Please tell your mom I will be praying for her.

    Miss you.

  2. What a trip. Tom, those childrens faces show that you all are such a blessing to them.

    That toilet is puzzleing to me, but I quess its better than nothing as far as privacy goes.

    That water system is a real blessing. Never heard of such, but a blessing. I quess the motor oil puzzles me. I would have thought the oil would be harmful, although I understand the principal of it.

    How fortunate we are here in the US. It’s hard to believe that other countrys are so far behind us, or just don’t have the means to have the wonderful conveniences we take so much for granite. (I know I spelled that wrong, but not thinking of correct spell).

  3. Those children are breathtaking.

  4. Karen, I didn’t know you were doing an Africa update, this is wonderful. What you should share is your AMAZING scrapbook you’re putting together, I’m so impressed!!

    I like the photo of Tom teaching high fives, he’s definitely in his element–happy-go-lucky. I’ll see you on Wednesday, unless you wanna come play on my Sport Rider beforehand…but you can’t do more than six minutes, that’s just showing off. I read another blogger who was wayyy older and had done 20 minutes a day to lose weight and I’m feeling very inadequate about now. xoxo