Mother’s Day Out begins for the Last time.

September 8, 2009

Today Evely started Mother’s Day Out again. It was weird to walk into the building knowing this would be the last time I would bring a preschooler there. Next year all my kiddos will be in school full day.


I remember the days of desperately needing those four hours to regroup from being the harried Mom of toddlers. I don’t think I really need Mother’s Day Out this year, but Evely does. She is excited to have something of her own to do, see her friends and do her “school work”. It’s fun to see her so grown up. I am really enjoying the time we have alone each day!


Things I love about Evely: Her laugh and her giggle. The way she loves her Daddy and everyday when he comes home she says “Throw me up in the air on your bed!”. I like that she sings…all the time. She has little Evely-isms, like when she calls hand sanitizer “handsitizer”. I like her sense of style and how she always will choose the bright colors. She is sooo girly and it’s such a fun change from the boys. She is super sweet and yet pretty feisty. She can hold her own in a wrestling match with the boys. She bosses them around…and they listen to her. She is such a fun 4 year old!

Sugar and Spice and everything nice…that’s what little girls are made of.



4 responses to Mother’s Day Out begins for the Last time.

  1. She is growing up to soon. These are some precious pictures. We are sure proud of her. She looks older than four. I’m sure glad she can hold her own with the boys but she’s got two pretty good brothers also.

  2. Ok, she’s just stinkin’ cute! And every time I see pictures of her, I can’t believe how much she looks like you.

  3. Rita! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We are sure praying for Ross tomorrow.

    Merri, that is so funny because every time I see Helen all I see is you!

  4. Of course, I had nothing to do with her cuteness 😉