My Hero!

August 15, 2011

Friday afternoon Julian and I had run home for a minute to pick up something we had forgotten and run it back to my Dad’s house. I pulled up in the driveway and sent Julian in to get the items. We live in a raised ranch style house so when you go in the front door you can either go up the stairs to the main part of the house, or go downstairs to the basement or garage. So Julian went in through the garage and then about 30 seconds later he came flying out of the front door. The look of horror and astonishment on his face was intensified as he screamed at the top of his lungs “Mom, there’s a freakin’ snake in the house!!”

I’m trying to figure out where it is and he keeps telling me that it’s downstairs in the entryway from the garage. So I then ask him how he came out of the front door to tell me. That would mean that he jumped over the snake and ran upstairs. He said “I guess I was so in shock and my adrenaline just kicked in so I just jumped over it!”

We head back into the house. I go in the front door so I can look down on the snake but Julian grabs a broom and heads right back into the basement door where the evil thing is located. Sure enough, there is a snake in the house and it’s not happy.

Julian takes the broom and after several tries brushes it out into the garage and starts yelling that he needs something to kill it. We grab a snow shovel and he hacks the snake into pieces.

Dead snake. I realize it’s not poisonous and it’s not large. But any snake in my house should not be alive!

The really interesting thing about this event is the exchange of roles that took place with my 11 year old son. Normally if I am at home with the kids and something happens, it’s up to good ‘ol Mom to put on the brave face and take care of whatever is disrupting our lives. My first thought was how I did NOT want to take care of this snake. I can’t stand snakes! I didn’t want to get within 100 feet of it. So I was totally shocked when Julian took over and handled the entire event like a man. After it was all said and done we were rehashing the story and I kept telling him I was so proud of him and he really was the hero of the day. I couldn’t believe how he took care of the snake like a man. He looked at me said “Mom, you realize I learned all of that off of T.V.!” I had to laugh on that one. Thanks Animal Planet for all the snake shows.

(By the way….my kids are not allowed to say the word “freakin'”. However, I probably would have said the same thing if it were me.)



4 responses to My Hero!

  1. What a great story!

    Julian the snake wrangler!

  2. That is an weekly thing for us here, but never inside, always out in the field or chicken yard. That is scary to be in the house, eeeeekkkk.

  3. We’re on an acreage, so we’ve found them in the chicken yard, in the yard around the house, one in an outbuilding, never in the house — but one tiny green grass snake hanging from a gutter. We think a bird of prey dropped him there (we hope!)

  4. Yeah, I don’t like snakes but I can understand when I see them outside. I can’t take it when they are inside my house! Eeek!