My Thrift Store Find Created a Mess

March 3, 2008

On Valentines Day, Tom had the day off and we headed out for some lunch together. We stopped in my favorite thrift store for a few minutes and on the way out I noticed they were bringing out some bedding on a big rack. I went over and saw this beautiful comforter set with shams and bedskirt all for about $22.00 and it looked brand new! It was dry clean only and I wasn’t sure about it, so we left it there. BUT after discussing it for what seemed like hours, my Mom and I drove back over to the store right before they closed and bought it!

I got it home and washed it in my washer and it came out perfect and when I put it on the bed I LOVED it! I couldn’t believe my find. It was such a blessing. I have been looking for a new comforter set for a couple of years – even to the point of buying one and taking it back. This is exactly what I was looking for.

However, you know when you buy something and put it in your room and then everything else looks wrong….well, that’s how this was. The comforter set just didn’t look right in my old dingy room that I was thoroughly sick of. So it gave me an excuse to start projecting.

Pardon the mess. I happened to snap this picture to have a “before” pic right before taking the room apart to paint.

I went to Home Depot to find some paint swatches and happened to look at the rack of “oops” paints and there was just the color I needed in the Behr premium plus paint. We painted the room and it was exactly what I was looking for – all for $5.00!

Even the boys got in on a little bit of painting. Julian was a big help!

I recovered my old antique dresser with some faux leather and it turned out great. Got some new art stuff for the walls (90% off at Joanne’s) and it’s almost done.

Here it is! I love the way it turned out. I like my peanut butter colored walls and new bedset. It seems very peaceful and moody now.

I still have a few things I want to do before I call it complete, but my “mess” is starting to come together. I think I might even try my hand at making my own curtains. I’m excited to say that my makeover has cost me a grand total of $62.00!!



9 responses to My Thrift Store Find Created a Mess

  1. I was hoping to get out of the DAV with just some memories of the visit ( it’s really not that memorable) but no we got out for $23.oo. I did enjoy the day with my honey and our favorite meal at Chili’s.

    It always cracks me up shopping with Karen. She can’t make her mind up about anything. It’s even worse when she’s with her mother. She looked at that bedding over and over and I could hear the wheels spinning and maybe smelled a little smoke. I even unwrapped the whole thing and looked it over for flaws. Then like a map I couldn’t get it folded back right, so we left it on some ledge near the floor.

    I do appreciate her eye for bargains and the great amount of discipline she has to resist impulse buying. I saw the thing and was like “sure, get it so we can go”-I was done. I can’t complain about the cost, though.

    Love ya babe.

  2. You sure can find the bargains! I really like the paint color, it goes perfect with the new bed :). Can I hire you to do my bargain hunting? I wish I enjoyed “hunting” as much as you, but sadly that is a trait I missed out on. My whole childhood was spent sweating to death in the back seat of the station wagon while my mom hit every garage sale in town & I think I came to hate the practice because of it :lol:! Maybe I should give it a try every now and then…it sure pays off for you!

  3. Karen, I knew from your description that the bedding set was pretty, but it’s more than that — it’s GORGEOUS! Everything matches so well. I really love your room! What makes it even more satisfying is the bargains, I’m sure. You did fantastic! Shopping with you is so fun. Us girls love a good bargain!

    If I don’t hit some garage sales soon, I’m going to POP!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! I did get a good deal on rabbit bedding at Feldman’s today. I got a 35 lb bag for 3 bucks! It had a hole in the bag so they just wanted to get rid of it. That was small fry compared to your recent bargains but I was pleased nonetheless!!!

    Oh and btw I’ll take any leftover produce you’re going to throw out!

  4. Oh and Tom, I’m excited now that James is a Dave Ramsey addict, I think he’s going to appreciate my bargain hunting like never before. You guys gotta love us!

  5. Your room looks GREAT!! Isn’t it fun to have “your room” be “YOUR room” It’s like a little oasis. My room is like a mud puddle that has the possibility for greatness. Oh well :)

  6. Michaela – “a mud puddle that has the possibility for greatness” That is funny!! I like your room.

    Jules, yup, it’s been fun to find the bargains that are making my bedroom more enjoyable! Yeah for the rabbit bedding. I can’t wait to meet your bunny ….and pooch!

  7. T.S.W. queen, you get the crown, you totally rock girl! Love the room.

  8. Wow! You did great. You have such good taste in decorating. It’s hard to believe how much paint and decorations change the mood of a room. It look’s like a room you would see in a magazine! Very nice!

    If the men only knew how much torture we women go through to be frugal! And . . . . the amount of pleasure we receive from being frugal and nabbing that great bargain! You really scored on this find!



  9. Wow the room looks GREAT!