New Blog Debut and a Side Order of Guilt

February 20, 2006

I first wanted to introduce you all to a friend of mine who is starting a new blog – Weekly Scribbles. Her name is Megan and she is a very talented young lady. She takes some phenomenal photographs. You might want to check in on her from time to time.

Welcome to the blogging world, Megan!

Now for the side of guilt. . . not really

I have been asked by many people, “Just what is a blog?

Well, a blog is basically an online journal of conversation and my life. It is the term “web log” that is shortened to “blog”.

The main purpose of a blog is to converse with those reading about what is going on. To dialogue about the thoughts and activities in your life and theirs. It’s a new form of communication that is much easier than conference calls or writing letters. It’s a way for many people to communicate about a subject at a time.

SO!! All you people out there reading. . .feel free to Comment!! It’s part of the experience. :) I love hearing yor thoughts and ideas.

I know some of you will probably never bring yourself to comment but it is actually very easy and once you start, you will get the hang of it. Just click on the “COMMENTS” at the end of the post and you can read everyone else’s comments. Then post your own comment in the box at the end of the thread of conversation.



28 responses to New Blog Debut and a Side Order of Guilt

  1. For those of the old “Celebration gang” you probably don’t remember Megan or her brother Josh. She has some really good pics and is worth checking out the “kids” we knew who are now adults.

  2. I’ll have to go check out Megan’s blog. One of these days I’ll have to start my own blog. Guess it might help if I had a digital camera to start off with and some html experience. Note to self: MUST AQUIRE COMPUTER SKILLS ON MY OWN (without the help of my hubby).

  3. Yeah, you should start a blog, Amber! It would be great. You don’t even have to have pictures on it. We would still read it. It helps to have something besides children to keep your mind sane. It helps me feel like I still have my little finger in the real world of adult people.

  4. Lord knows I need a finger in the “real world of adult people”. I hate to sound like I don’t love my role as a stay at home mom….but it’s really the toughest job I’ll ever have. This week…no… MONTH, goes down in the record books for sure!!

    Last night McKenna and I started getting sick (we were the only ones NOT sick last week), so now THE WHOLE FAMILY is sick…or trying to get back to 100%. Jon had no vacation time left from being gone from work all last week, so I was all alone today with three sick kiddos….did I mention I was sick too-LOL! The scene was something to behold I tell ya!

    When I get my strength back I’m going to soak my whole house in Clorox & then ask Dr Jones if I can borrow some glass vials to dance around my house with (witch Dr joke). At this point I’m willing to sell my left kidney on the black market to anyone who wants to take over running my house for the next week! I’ve already announced that NO ONE is allowed to get sick anymore after this week.

    Now, I must go back to doing my puke laundry…………………………

  5. How sweet! I feel so special being mentioned in a Karen post :-) I am enjoying this blog world very much I have to say. It was great talking to you on Sunday, and apologize for stealing your child out from under you. :-) Love ya!

  6. I will check out her site. I really enjoy photo blogs, there are some really talented people out there!

    Having a blog is an interesting thing. There comes a time, or several times, when one has to evaluate exactly why one is doing it, especially when people aren’t commenting. I personally came to grips right away with the fact that alot of my close personal friends are not into all the things that I am and may not understand at all how I could be into those things. Yet I still want those friends to read my blog and I really, really appreciate their comments. There is a bit of vulnerability to sharing alot of oneself and there is the risk of having others feel you are a freak or odd or whatever but stick with blogging and you get over that.

    One thing I do and I encourage others to as well is to search out blogs that are similar to your own, post comments regularly, and almost without fail those people will come to your blog to post. I do this on an occasional basis because I am always looking for people with similar interests to comment on my posts as well as people with divergent interests who just want to come and share. I also think that a big part of generating comments is to first be true to yourself and then take the time to visit other’s blogs regularly. Its alot of work sometimes but knowing how much I appreciate comments I want to make sure and give others the same or better feedback than I expect from them.

    I think it is great that on your site and Jules’ that your family is very involved. Its a great, inexpensive way to communicate that really does bring everyone closer together.

    I hope you are enjoying your blogging experience and that you continue to generate new readers and that those who come daily to read but are afraid to comment will just do so. I often hear “I read your post but didn’t have anything to add to the conversation” and while that is okay I don’t always agree because I think everyone is interesting and has something that they can share but sometimes can’t get over their own self consciousness to do so.

    Blog on!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for posting!! I came back this morning to see the many posts and it made my morning!

    I totally agree with you, Carl. You do share a lot of yourself and the inner workings of your brain on a blog and then you wonder when no one posts. Sometimes you want to go back and erase it because you do feel like the world has just dubbed you “freak!”. Oh well, it hasn’t made me give up and so many people tell me or other family members that they love to read my blog so that keeps me going – plus the sanity factor.

  8. Amber, I will be praying for you all. We just got over all the sickness here and it was a horrifying experience that I DO NOT want to repeat! Hang in there. A week from now you will look back on this as a nightmare in your busy life. It will get better.

    We all slept through the night last night – which doesn’t happen very often. I remember waking up at 6:30 this morning and immediately the words came out “Thank you, God, for sleep!” It was a wonderful night.

  9. Megan, I can always count on finding my daughter if you are around! When we went to the nursery and she wasn’t there, I said “Where’s Megan?” I knew if I found you, I would find her. :)

    I love it that you love my kids!

  10. YAY for sleep!

    Things look a little better. I sent McKenna to Preschool today because she did not puke at all yesterday & her fever was gone this morning. God even sent a little “angel” to my door this morning(named Auntie Tricia) to watch the little ones while I took McKenna to school :-). It’s been a good day so far!

  11. You know the strange thing about that is because I passed by the nurserey and Evely much of seen me cause she started crying and reaching out so I had to go in there…:-) So I decided to take her out cause she was just freaking out. So I told the workers “When Karen or Tom get here tell them I took Evely out” I had the strangest feeling they would forget. Note to self: Never ignore instinct. I do just adore your kids though they are some of the easy going kids I think I’ve ever meet. I wonder who they get it from. :-)

  12. WoW! Do I know how to spell today or what! “much?”

  13. Karen, hopefully all those closet readers will begin to surface! It does make one feel good when people respond! We stay-at-home moms need the adult interaction.

    I agree with Carl, posting makes you feel naked sometimes (and commenting, too), which is very uncomfortable. In my mind I call it doing the fig leaf! On the other hand, It feels good to express myself and it’s something I can do and it doesn’t take me away from my responsibilities at home. It’s healthy adult interaction. (I think you should give it a try Amber. Karen and I will help you get started. You’d no doubt be great at it)

    Carl, I thought you were a freak before you started blogging. 😉 Kidding of course! You have a lot of layers, but you don’t stink like an onion. I crack myself up! Forgive me, I am water logged.

    Hang in there Karen and Amber. My heart bleeds for you. Really I understand. It’s sooooooooo hard. I sleep now and it’s EXQUISITE!!

  14. Megan, thanks so much for babysitting for the bible study. That may seem like a small thing but it’s huge to me!!!!! (I’m Elaina and Anjelia’s)

  15. Keep up the bloggggggiiiinnnngggg. I eeeeennnnnjjjjooooyyy reading it. I don’t always respond, but it is getting to hear from home!

    Till later.

  16. Thanks Aunt C!! I enjoy hearing from you whenever I can. I really enjoyed talking to you the other night!! Seemed like old times. What did you decide on your add on? Gonna do it? You better.

    Megan, you don’t have to apologize for the spell error. We all are half brain dead and we knew what you meant. Lucky for me, my honey always points out my dumb spello moments. :)

    The fig leaf. . .that’s hilarious Jules!! I just pictured all of us blogging wearing fig leaves and it was pretty funny. Hey, how was the Great Wolf?

    Amber, I agree. You need to join the blog world!

  17. I promise to join the blog world….as soon as I figure out how the heck to get started :-). I’ll talk to you and Julie at the Bible Study on Thursday about how one goes about starting a blog. I guess I should even put some thought into what exactly I would “name” my blog. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to being creative.

  18. Is there something wrong with posting naked? Ohhhh…you meant you *feel* naked when you post. Sorry, forget I said anything.

  19. funny, Carl!

  20. I sometimes post naked. What’s wrong with that? I might two or even three fig leafs though.

  21. heh-heh-heh…

  22. I was picturing more of the knees together hands cupped kind of pose. Literal fig leaves is a funny mental picture though.

    Tom, give me a break! :-p

    Karen, your post must of done the trick! Look at all these comments! Whoohooo!!

  23. I know, I am just so excited when I check my blog to see all these posts!! How fun.

    yeah, the mental images of fig leaves or knees together, hands cupped kind of poses are pretty funny.

    I was picturing Tom in a tutu sort of gettup with the fig leaves sewn together and a lovely laurel gracing his head. OH MY!!

  24. Okay, I know everyone is wondering ” Who in the world is Ericka?”
    I’m work with our beloved Tom. There was another employee looking at these blogs and while I’ve read them before and been inspired by them, ( and gotten a chuckle or two) I’ve been reluctant to add my blog because I doubt if anyone knows of me maybe besides Karen. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’m clearing my head, breathing in, breathing out….now I can attempt to blog. I have been a working Mom of two and wife for 10 years and have in that time come to the conclusion that just when I get this working Mom thing down pat, the kids will have moved out! ( Maybe my hubby, too) I sometimes think to myself, “This is not what I signed up for!” But reading about other mothers’ (and fathers’) daily experiences in their bathrooms with dessert gives me hope. It is refreshing to know that even the most patient moms lose it from time to time and feel the need to “hide”. Thanks for sharing your joys and pains of parenthood!

  25. Welcome, Ericka! I’m so glad you posted. It’s nice to have some comments from the working Mom’s arena too!! I know that it must be hard to “do it all”. You can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. I admire that.

    Sometimes I wish I could go to work for a day to have some adult conversation! :) But this blog helps with that.

    By the way, I really like the spelling of your name. I had always saw your named spelled “Erica” in my head. It’s really pretty.

    Feel free to add your two cents any time! We are all in this mommy thing together. Glad you made it through your post without passing out. The next time it will be easier! I remember my first posts and how hard they were, but then it gets much easier.

  26. All of us moms need to stick together, share and encourage each other! Welcome, Ericka!