No more Chemo!

March 22, 2006

Hi Everyone –

I know that many of you out there check this website to keep up with Mom and how she is doing. So I just wanted to post a little update here.

Mom is starting to perk back up from the last Chemo treatment. She seemed to take longer getting back on her feet from that last one. She is getting out and about, went to church on Sunday and looks better. Her and Dad have even planned a trip to See Aunt Carolyn at the end of the month! They are looking forward to that.

She will be having a Cat Scan in another week or so. I will let you all know the results of that.

Thanks for your continued prayers! We appreciate them so much.



6 responses to No more Chemo!

  1. So glad that is over for her and will be continuing to pray for her to be cancer free and no longer require any type of treatment.

  2. I am so glad to hear that she is starting to get her strength back! I look forward to seeing both of you this morning!

  3. Judy, you looked beautiful today! You have such great color and glowing skin for someone that has just finished up chemo. I personally think it is God’s glory shining through you :-)

  4. awwwwww!! I just have to agree with you Amber!

  5. Praise God for Judy and her returning good health.

  6. Yippee! Thank the Lord the chemo is done.

    From everyone’s report it sounds like Sis is gaining and looking much better.

    I am so looking forward to the visit out here. Let’s get this CAT scan done so she can enjoy her trip even more!

    Countin’ the days!