Nothing says “Good Morning!” Like…

October 15, 2012

Last week I came zooming out of my garage and almost ran over the UPS man. Poor guy, I think he had a premonition that a distracted Mom would be flying out of the garage. As he laughed and waved at me as I nearly missed him carrying his large Kohls box, I about had heart failure. I rolled my window down to profusely apologize and he just laughed and said “I made sure to park in the cul-de-sac because I saw your garage door up and figured you would be leaving.”. I puzzled over the large box in his hands wondering what I had ordered and forgot about. Then it regiestered “hmmm…it’s my birthday this week and maybe somebody is sending me something.” The UPS man kindly plunked the box on the front seat of my van and off I went to run errands. Driving around with that box was great! I love anticipation and the wonder of what is in the box. I kept reading the tag on the front that it was sent to me and not the kids or dear hubby.

When I got home, I carefully opened the box to find this lovely thing in it!


I knew the minute I saw this fine invention that it was from my brother, Mike. Mike is one of those special people that know exactly the right gift that will speak volumes of love and care to the person receiving it. It’s his “gift”, no pun intended. So now each morning I come into my kitchen to my lovely coffee maker all dressed up in fine yellow of happiness and she is ready to perk me the best cup of coffee. She does it in a quick jiffy too! So thanks, Mike!! I LOVE my coffee maker and her name is Joy. (A coffee brewer of this caliber has to have a name)

ON a side note: Aren’t you just enjoying this gorgeous Fall? With the hot weather of the summer, I am surprised at the beauty of the foliage and really enjoying it. I had to take a picture this morning of the tree in our front yard. We planted this as a sapling as a memory of a baby that we lost over 13 years ago. It has grown to this height now and this year is the most beautiful it has ever been! Even the kids keep talking about our tree. I will be sad when it decides it’s time to drop those stained glass leaves and ready itself for the cold season ahead, but I’m enjoying it today.




One response to Nothing says “Good Morning!” Like…

  1. Those things make the best cup of coffee!