Ode to a Snickers

May 19, 2010

Snicker Pie the Pucker Poo

When weighing the decision of adding a puppy to our home
The thoughts were always so similar
Happy romps in the yard, long walks on a leash and a friend who would stay put and not roam.

So off to the pound to pick out a pooch our hopes were oh so high
A little puppy dog with eyes of brown gold
Floppy ears, a curly tail and a personality that fit with our family just right.

Home came the Snickers and our trials began to appear
For the dog is work and the care never ends
bathing and feeding, training and treats, muddy paws, munched toys, paper shredded, Oh dear!

On occasion this friend of man runs to the neighbor next door
To eat the horse poo and roll it in it with glee
Back home he comes to screaming children and the chagrin of all and will probably throw it up on my floor.

So why do I love this Snickers, this thing of a dog
For he does nothing for himself
Except to be himself; happy, dirty, loving and kind. Sits on my lap and licks my wounds, lifts my spirits out of a bog.

He brings nothing to our home but work it seems
a mangy mutt that wants to please
Bringing his ball, his rope, his love. To sleep with the boys and to rule the house if he deems.

So how did he sneak himself into my soul
That I find I sit and look at him
Always stop to pat him, talk to him and stroke. For he truly is a friend, a constant companion that has completed our family, making it whole.

I paws….

Thoughts collected.

This must be what I am like to my Savior, no less
Adopted only by His grace
I bring nothing except only me; a girl who can tend to pout, chasing the frivolous, and left to myself always makes a mess.

Yet He delights in me and knows me
Always bringing me back
Sitting me on His Holy knees, kissing boo boos, wiping tears, scrubbing dirty spots and the continual training for what I will one day be.



3 responses to Ode to a Snickers

  1. He’ a pretty good dog, as dogs go. In the morning I walk by the boys’ room and there he is looking like the above picture.

    What a life.

  2. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing that! Very cool, and entertaining, and truthful, and touching! Really makes you think too!

  3. A great post, Karen and what an object lesson of grace.