One More to Go

July 21, 2008

Another update on Mom’s progress with Chemo…

She received her updated tumor marker count last week. It went down to 25. That’s not a big drop from where it was – just a couple points, but it did drop! That is good. It is also still “normal”. Praise God.

The Dr. wants her to do one more treatment. Pray for her as she endures one more of these and that God will continue to bring healing and rid the cancer from her body. Thank you all for your steadfastness in prayer, encouragement and faith!



2 responses to One More to Go

  1. God is so good! His mercies are here day after day! I just can’t help but stop and look back at where your mother began and where she is today and all the life she has been able to enjoy in between—-I do know she has put up with lots of days of not feeling well, but still praise God for her willingness, endurance, progress, peace, and faith she has shown all along.

    We just continue to pray for total healing.

  2. I come here to see if you have an update on your mom. I’m so glad she is doing better. God bless her and all her family. I know it is hard.
    Been there. GOD BLESS YOU ALL