Our Last Hoorah… and first day of school

August 20, 2007

My Parents asked us a few weeks ago if we could squeeze in a trip to Branson before school started. This last weekend was the only weekend we would be able to go, so we did! We had a BALL!!

We got there early afternoon on Friday and headed to Silver Dollar City for the evening. It was really hot, but the park was not crowded so we could ride all the rides we wanted to without standing in lines.


In fact, all the boys went on this Lost River ride 4 times before getting off. They were drenched. This was Jaden’s favorite ride. He would just squeal with delight the entire time. He would beg to back on this ride over and over.

We tried our hands at milking cows, eating good food, roller coasters, water rides, shooting guns in the flooded mine, climbing, riding, swinging and on and on.

Tom tried this new ride and it was by far the thing that really “got” him. It’s called the Barn swing. It is a giant swing that is probably about 8 stories tall. They load you on the swing and then start it up.
Here’s Tom.

They start swinging you back and forth until you are going higher than the top bar of the swing. I couldn’t get up the nerve to try this.


We went back to Silver Dollar City the next day. Our plans were to stay until early afternoon until everyone pooped out. . .we closed the park!

Here are a few other pics of our weekend.




We reminisced the whole weekend how we have spent many trips to Silver Dollar City with double strollers, bottles, car seats, baby food and being pregnant. This was by far our easiest trip with the kids! I can definitely see how we are going to have so much fun in the years to come with the kids growing up. I think this trip is one that the kids will remember too.

My hat is off to my Mom who did great on the trip! She is just over 3 weeks out from her very last chemo treatment and walked all over the park in the heat and did amazingly well. I praise God that she is here with us to enjoy more fun times together.


Today is the first day of school. . ..sniff. . .. smile. . .

It was not as hard as I thought getting up at 6:30am this morning. I was dreading it but I am also ready to get back into some sort of routine. The summer has been great, but it is time.

Julian bounced right out of bed ready to go. We visited his room and met his teacher’s last week. It was the cutest room in the school! They literally built this castle front outside of the classroom so it looks like you are going into a castle. The room is adorable!! So much time and effort had gone into it and I know he is going to have a great time.


He has TWO teachers this year. They are doing a job share. One teacher will be there for the first half of the week and then another teacher will do the last half. Both teachers seem great and I think this will be a good experience for everyone.

Julian wanted to ride the bus TO school this year. In the past I have taken him, but I think it will work easier with the little ones too. I won’t have to load them up and get in the car each morning. He is just growing up! I can’t believe he is in 2nd Grade!

Where does the time go?



10 responses to Our Last Hoorah… and first day of school

  1. Wow! You are brave to take a SDC trip the weekend before school starts! If we would have tried that with our kids they would have been horrid to get ready on Monday morning. I don’t know how you do it mama!

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I don’t know if we will try SDC again for a few years! Maybe I’m just not as big on the amusment parks as I thought I would be. For me it wasn’t the stroller thing (I actually LIKE having the stroller…it’s a good “crap” holder), or even having one in diapers, it was more about having extra patience. I think the whole “waiting in line” thing that we had to do over, and over, and over, was what got everyone bent out of shape. That, and it was 109 degrees in the shade & I was ticked that we spent $50 on drinks!! I think they need to re-name the place “Steal Your Dollar” city! :rotfl

    McKenna started school today too….. :cry

  2. You’re too funny, Amber!

    We did have a stroller this year too – BUT we rented one at the gate. No more toting them in and out and on and off the trams. I think we have gone sooo many times that we are learning the tricks.

    If you buy the souvenir cups, then you can take them back again and again and only pay the refill price on drinks. I also bought a cooler bag and used it for a diaper bag/drink bag. Lots of water bottles and juice pouches and snacks. It cut way back on expense. But I agree, if you go in and pay the regular price it is HIGH!

    We were so glad that there were no lines. It does help with kids not to have to wait for an hour to go on one ride! That is what really made this trip great for us, it wasn’t so crowded.

    We will all have to go together sometime! :flowers

  3. How are you doing with McKenna in Kindergarten? That was a very hard day for me when Julian started. I cried. . .but then a few hours later I was thinking “this could be a really good thing!”.

    Hope you are doing okay.

  4. I can’t believe summer went by so quickly. Of course the only reason it was quick for me is that I don’t have small children. :indeed

  5. I’m doing OK…I cried Saturday night, but I was OK this morning. She only went 1/2 day today, so it went fast. We went out for a special lunch with Jonathan today, so it seemed a little more like just a “fun” day today. Her AND Channy go tomorrow, so I’ll have a little more freedom then….YMCA-here I come!

  6. Yeah!!! I’m glad you will be getting some breaks and some time for yourself. I know how hard this summer has been for you, Amber. I guess it is time to start your heavy marathon training again. Good for you. Wish I could do it with you – NOT!!

    Yeah, Carl, your life is like one big summer with no little kids :fish

  7. Finally a SDC trip that went great. I always had a great time going there as a kid but I never asked my parents if they did too. That barn swing was…whew. I BEGGED or bugged Karen the whole time to go on some big ride with me but she never did. There I was by myself getting scared out of my shorts. Well not really but they did get soaked on that Lost River ride. To see the boys scream like girls was hilarious. I told Karen when the kids can stay at home by themselves, the adults will have to go to Branson for the weekend. That would be a blast. By then I’ll probably lose my desire for the rides. Nahhh…

  8. it’s so strange to see pictures of SDC, cause I just got back from there. I can’t believe you didn’t do the barn swing…IT WAS AWESOME!!! Tyler and I rode Wildfire 7 times! SDC is the best!!! I’ll have to call you this week to see when we can hang out. love ya!

  9. This is too funny, Karen! John, the kids and I were in SDC for our last ‘hurrah’ just one week before you. In fact, I met a fellow blogger there, Girl Gone Wild (GiGi) for an hour or so. It was such a treat….I think I have a dozen pictures of the kids in front of that sign!

  10. Yup, that sign holds so many memories doesn’t it! I know we have pics of it from childhood, first being married. . .what a great place!