Parades and Fairs

July 31, 2007

The summer keeps marching along. . .

We had a local county fair the other day, so we attended the parade and then went over to the fair grounds and checked out the rides.

Here are several pics from it. I love how colorful everything was, so I am posting quite a few.

The parade

This was a wonderful parade! In the first 10 minutes we saw so many fun things – it completely blew away the Breckenridge parade on the 4th of July.

Lots of horses!

And lots of candy!! Julian is just holding HIS bag. They threw whistles too. We are still “enjoying” those around here.


The Fair

We broke down and bought armbands for the kids so they could ride every ride as many times as they wanted. They did!

The twirled, they swung, they slid, they ate candy

The were flung, they climbed, they turned

They bounced, they jumped, they ate more candy

They went up and down, around and around, more candy

Then they were done. Here is Julian sick as a dog on the Merry-Go-Round.

Time to go home…
It was a fun day…



9 responses to Parades and Fairs

  1. What fun!!!!!!!

    The last time I rode those spinning little fair rides was on an anniversary years and years ago. James and I came across one of these little fairs and started riding the rides. I got terrible motion sickness and spent the evening sick, sick , sick in our hotel room! I haven’t done that again. It’s not very romantic. . .

    The girls would have LOVED this!

  2. Man that octopus ride was stomach purging. I looked like I was having a great time and I was but that McDonald’s cheeseburger was trying to revisit me. You can’t even see the boys in that picture! Jaden was squished between me and Julian. If you haven’t been on a ride in a while it is quite fear inducing.

  3. I didn’t post the picture, but I got to ride the biggest ride they had with the boys. It was really really fun! It gave me the same thrill of riding the ski lifts and alpine slides again. I think I am almost gearing up to ride something big at a park. (That should excite Tom – he’s always mad that I won’t ride the rides with him). :puke

  4. My idea of a thrill is speedily coasting down the hills in my neighborhood on my bike, after dark, when the kids are in bed. I love to feel the wind in my hair and see my streamers blowing in the breeze. My basket I ordered is in so now I can go to the market on my bike and do a little shopping. Hmmmm . . . maybe I should get a little dog to tote around.

  5. Name it Roxanne to go with Roxie.

  6. I think I found a couple more of the whistles in case they have lost theirs. :rotfl

  7. Kenny, I think you should keep them at your house so they can blow them over there. You will love it!

  8. Miss You :(

  9. Hi Megan! I was just thinking of you this week. Hope you are doing good!!! :)