Praise God! A good report!

October 15, 2005

Mom had a good report from the lung Dr. yesterday!

Our prayers were heard and answered. She does have some fluid in her lungs. More in the left lung than the right one. The Dr said that as she begins her chemo treatments, that it will take care of this fluid. He doesn’t foresee this being a chronic problem or having to take more measures to drain this ongoing. Yeah!!

Mom was really relieved. She had a very very good day on Friday. My Aunt flew back home Friday night, too.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below. Praise him above you heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. AMEN!

Also, for those praying for Mom and her visit to the Oncologist. It is this Thursday morning at 9:15 instead of Friday. We had the date wrong.



3 responses to Praise God! A good report!

  1. I am glad to hear she won’t have to be poked more! It sounds so painful to have that fluid drained the way they do it. I’ll keep praying that all the fluid will dissipate. I’m glad to hear a good report. Praise God!

  2. God is so good. He is concerned about every aspect of our life. Judy has been faithful to Him, and He will continue to be faithful to her.

  3. I agree Mary!!