Priceless Moments

January 5, 2006

Throughout the holidays, we were going crazy like everyone else. Running here and there, buying last minute gifts, wrapping gifts, going to kids programs, candlelighting services, more wrapping, company, finishing our room addition, baking and more wrapping. You know how it was; I am sure it was the same in your home.

One of the things that I learned this Christmas season was to be like Mary. When she found out she was pregnant with Jesus, she just said “let it be done to me as God wants it to be” (Karen’s paraphrase). Instead of reacting she just reflected. She went through her life “treasuring up” in her heart all that happened. I really thought about this because so often I just react to all that is happening around me instead of stopping to reflect or treasure.

So this year, I did stop to treasure moments, looks on my children’s faces and being with family. I hope that I stored them well in my heart so that I can look back and remember with clarity.

Here are a few of the moments:

Cheerio Bliss

I found Evely sleeping peacefully in the middle of her cheerio snack after Christmas. Isn’t she adorable. You gotta be tired to fall asleep in the middle of eating!


Out with the Old and In with the New!


On New Year’s Eve, Julian lost his first tooth (by natural causes). It was truly a momentous occasion that he was very proud of. He put his tooth in this baggy and wrote this note. In case you can’t read it:

Tooth Fairy
This is my tooth
Julian Shoemaker

He received a dollar from the tooth fairy, which he promptly spent on a bag of 50 balloons.


An Armful of Precious

Two sick kids safe in Daddy’s arms.


Moments of Joy

I got the Robin Suit!


Mom with us and doing well!!

Uncle Mike with us!

food food2
Our traditional Mexican feast on Christmas Day!

Kenny reading the Christmas Story

Male Bonding

So what moments of joy have you been treasuring lately? Feel free to share them!



6 responses to Priceless Moments

  1. These pictures are great! All I can say is man I look fat. Hopefully that will change this year. Julian got that suit and I think he’s worn it like once. I know when I got alot of toys it was overload. I think they both enjoyed it immensely.

  2. You don’t look fat!!

    Yeah, I think that Julian has worn that suit the least of all of them. Funny! You want something so bad and when you don’t get it the first time you want it even more than ever. Then you finally get it. . .and it just isn’t what you thought.

    Isn’t that life!

  3. Anjelia makes me laugh all the time, except when she smears A and D diaper ointment all over herself and the floor! Even that’s a little funny now that it’s cleaned up!

    I love having small children, especially during the holidays. It becomes magical again– seeing there faces light up. I love that pic of Julian!

    I love seeing your pictures!


  4. Tom, there is nothing sexier to a mom than seeing her man cuddle with the kids!

  5. Oh man, those super hero costumes are great. 😀 Tom, where’s yours?

    Looks like you all had a great Christmas.

  6. Tom doesn’t wear his super hero outfit in public! :)