Prime Rib and Whistling Rabbits.

September 28, 2006

Okay, everyone, I promised Tom I would post his Prime Rib picture. Prime Rib is Tom’s absolute favorite thing to eat on the face of this earth. . .but it can’t just be any old prime rib, it has to be JUST RIGHT! This one he had at Anthony’s on the Gulf was Prime Rib Perfection! He made me take a picture of it so that he wouldn’t forget this piece of meat.

Is it just me, or does this look disgusting??!!


I must share a really funny story with you. The first night we got there it was about midnight but we stayed up till about 1:30 or 2:00 because we were so excited about being in Florida and hearing the call of the ocean just outside. We left the sliding door open in our bedroom so that we could hear the waves crashing.

I finally went to sleep and had the craziest dream. . .

I was there in our hotel villa and there were all these rabbits running around the room. They would hide behind the couch and whistle really loudly. I knew that the only way I could get them to quit whistling was to feed them a ham sandwich. I fed those darned bunnies ham sandwiches all night and just couldn’t get them to shut up! I was starting to get really annoyed in my dream because the ham wasn’t working. I woke up with a start and immediately realized that the sea gulls were flying all around outside and I was hearing them calling to one another!

Tom and I referred to sea gulls as whistling rabbits the whole trip.



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  1. Oh my, my ,my that is a fine piece of meat, (much like myself) heh-heh. :cool That is some good eating. So my dream the first night was similar. James and Julie and us were there but they stayed in another hotel and it was a kid crazy hotel with a fence around it but the waves would come up to the hotel. Anyway a police friend of ours had arranged a little kidnapping of Karen and when they did they said she was being arrested for something she did in Las Vegas. The funny thing is she couldn’t fit into the orange jump suit. So they shaved ham off her body until she could fit. Ham? When we told each other our dreams the next morning I stopped her and said you were feeding the rabbits ham? Well have I got a story for you.

  2. We have absolutely got to plan a family vacation together, but I AM NOT shaving ham off Karen’s body! How funny! You two are a couple of hams, no doubt hamming it up in Florida. You are truly one flesh! That flesh must be ham! How weird!

    Congratulations on the prime rib, Tom!

  3. That’s a funny thought, Jules! We really wondered what all the ham meant in our dreams. When we went deep sea fishing the guy came around with our bait in these little buckets and it looked just like shaved ham. We sort of looked at each other when we saw it. It was squid, though.

    I won’t ask you to shave any ham off my body. Wouldn’t it be nice to just shave some inches off if you needed to fit into something that was too tight!

  4. Hey Karen, or Jules…here is a website I think you might be interested in.
    This website is hosted by Jenni Weiss – Peter Weiss’s wife. She has just published a book….check it out when you get the chance. I also mentioned your website to her as well. Enjoy!!!

  5. Thanks, Cindy. How is Jenni and Peter doing? Do you keep in contact with them?

  6. Pete and Jenni are doing fine. I don’t know how she managed to write that book with 5 kids and home schooling. Makalyn and Celeste are best friends!!! :p

  7. That is a delicious looking steak!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!! 😉

  8. That’s not prime rib. It’s Romulon Rump Roast. :moon