Pumpkin humor

October 20, 2006

My cousins wife sent me some hilarious pictures of Halloween decorations! Funny how you can take almost anything and turn it into a butt-crack joke. At least that is the way it is in my house with all the boys. Tom is usually the instigator.

Check out this pic and chuckle!


And another chuckle. . .

Jaden has been cracking me up as we drive around town. Some houses have those huge inflatable pumpkins in their yards with the ghosts popping out of them. Jaden doesn’t know what a ghost is and so he always exclaims “Look, Mom, punkins and blankets!!” Now Evely is calling them “blankets” too.

So funny!!



8 responses to Pumpkin humor

  1. I love the blankets! Jaden is so cute!

  2. Ah, that’s great. Love the picture.

  3. What do you mean “I’m the instigator?”

  4. No need to act shy, Hon! You can claim that one.

  5. Karen I truly wish I could have stayed longer and visited with you and Tom longer. I hope you did’nt feel we were leaving because of you. That is far from the truth. Maybe next year the rain won’t mess things up for all of us. 😉

    By the way I got a picture in one of my email like you have posted here. That is so funny. Until next time. Marlis

  6. Blankets!!!! :love That’s as cute as it gets.

  7. And just where is your “Hayride” post?? You better get crackin’ Missy!

  8. Marlis – I totally understood why you all were leaving. I hope to sometime get to visit with you more too. Don’t feel bad!

    Amber, I am just sloughing off. I haven’t even downloaded my pics. I’ll get to it eventually. :oops