Punkin’ Crumbs

October 17, 2005

Sunday afternoon we headed for Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch. It was a gorgeous evening with perfect weather! There is so much fun stuff to do there: petting zoo, mountain trikes, pig races, jungle gyms, the HAY SLIDE!, and corn maze. Don’t forget the tractor and wagon ride out to the punkin’ patch to pick out that “perfect” pumpkin to take home.

I’m gonna beat ya!

Mine aren’t for sale!

topslide bottomslide
The famous Hay Slide!


Then we hopped the wagon and road way out to the punkin’ patch for the biggest let down. . .no kidding! Every punkin’ we walked past was squashed, beaten up and left for dead.

My name is Humpty.

We walked farther and farther but couldn’t find one decent punkin’. So we just walked back and got on the wagon. We noticed on the ride back that there were other patches that had decent punkin’s in them. So we walked to the closest one and let the boys pick out their “perfect” punkins.

I dunno, which one do you want?

My three punkins!

This was the best pose we could get for three tired and hungry punkins. It was a really great evening for the family.



9 responses to Punkin’ Crumbs

  1. I wish we could’ve joined you guys. That place is great. Maybe we’ll make it out there before seasons end. The kids look super cute. There’s just something great about a kid and a pumpkin posed together. They make the pumpkins look so big.

  2. What a cute brood. Minus Tom, of course.

  3. Yeah, I hope you can get out there. It was a real highlight of Fall for us this year.

    Thanks, Rob. . .I think. :)

  4. Those are great pictures. I love the one of the boys picking out a pumpkin. Jaden reminds me so much of Julian at that age when he would always stand with his hands behind his back.

    Just think of how your baby girl will join in the fun next year! They grow up so fast!

  5. The pumpkins look great next to the fruit of my loins.

  6. Happy Birthday, Karen!!!!!

  7. Tom, you da man.

  8. Somehow I am just speechless after Tom’s remark. . .

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