Punkin’ Day!

November 1, 2005

October 31st has always been one of those days that is filled with wonder for the little kids. Getting to dress up and get a giant bucket of candy. . .what more could a kid want!

Julian had an early release day at school, so when he got home we began the punkin’ carving. After trying to talk him into a cute little face, we settled on a bat to go with his Batman costume. I enjoyed hearing all the “ooh gross!” comments as we scooped the seeds and muck out of the pumpkin. Even Jaden started saying “oooooh Gross!”



It actually looked like a bat!

After Tom got home from work, we dressed the kids in their costumes and headed for my Parent’s church for a Trunk or Treat. They have a really great outreach ministry to the community each year. All the cars were lined up and you walked the rows and received candy from people out of their trunks. They served popcorn, hotdogs, nachos and pop, too!


After that, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Henderson’s and then to Mom and Dad’s.


Punkin’ Kisses!

We stumbled back home tired and very full of sugar. It was fun!



5 responses to Punkin’ Day!

  1. I wondered how the boys looked last night. Love the giraffe. You did get him to wear it afterall! Super Julian looks heroic as always! Evely looks freshly picked!! Too cute!

    The bat pumpkin turned out really fun! I bet Julian’s heart was full of delight!

  2. Glad they had a great Halloween. We had a lot of candy left that we could have donated to your sugar high!!!

  3. Julian looks ready for some serious crime fighting.

    I’m sure Tom is proud to have raised a super hero.

  4. Kenny, we really missed you guys last night. Julian said “Aren’t we going to Uncle Kenny’s?” When we told him we ran out of time he wasn’t happy.

    By the time we got to my Mom’s, we had to wake them all up! Next year maybe we’ll get an earlier start. Guess you will have to eat all that candy – too bad!

  5. IT’s funny, Julian is dressed as a superhero so much of the time that last night he really didn’t look any different to us.