Quite the Quote!

April 22, 2006

When we don’t live a prioritized life, we can easily succumb to the tyranny of the urgent.

I think as a woman, wife, mom, friend, daughter, ministry leader, etc. etc. I am constantly seeking to bring balance and priority to my life. If I don’t consistently keep this in my mind everything ends up a mess all the time. Sometimes I get tired of concentrating on it. I am sure that all of you understand this as well!

I can always tell when my life is out of balance because I find that I am living “reactively” instead of “proactively”. Does anyone out there know what I mean by this??

I have thought a lot about being out of balance lately as I have been having severe pain from a heel spur. I have walked on the side of my foot for months, which causes my legs to ache and then eventually my back. It just shows how having one priority out of whack can easily begin to affect other areas of my life.

(Thankfully I have discovered some wonder calcium online that within the past week has really started to help! I’ve even been able to walk around barefoot without limping – YEAH!!)

However, all this to say, I just wanted to share that quote with you. It made me stop and think; maybe it will you too.



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  1. Been there, and the older I get,the worse it is. I like things rather the same each day. I function ok if I know way ahead of things coming up, so I can plan. My Art club has a lot in March and I just can’t deal with it unless I’m ahead of the game and be a caregiver at the same time.

  2. Oh no, it gets worse??? ugh. I was hoping that I would get better at managing all of it – but I’m sure you are right.

    It is easier to be a better caregiver when I’m not under the “tyranny of the urgent”.

  3. Karen:
    Can you email me that calcium company or email address you sent Julie???
    I cannot find it. My life lately is out of sorts. I dont want to bother Jules any more. I was not paying attention to what I was trying to fix on my blog and messed it all up. James fixed it I think and I just dont want to send them another email for awhile.
    So when you have the time can you email it to me or put it on my blog.
    I am interested in trying that calcium. My heel spurs are not on the bottom of my heel they are on the very back, but right now my biggest problem is Chronic Achilles Tendonopathy. My achilles tendon is tight and has been for years and now I am paying for it.
    Karen thanks for commenting on my blog and your prayers.
    I will pray for you and your foot pain.

  4. Kandis, you have never bothered me and you never will. GIRL!!!!

  5. Great quote, and too true. There are days when I feel like I have everything in balance and prioritized and days (far too many) when the pull of work at work, work at home, and the desire to relax or spend time with family, etc. just makes everything feel overwhelming. I guess I’d rather have the problem of having too much to do than be bored!

  6. Yes, Carl, I agree that I would rather have too much to do than be bored. I just need to manage it in an ongoing way. I’m sure everyone struggles with this – except our little kids who cause us to struggle more :) !

  7. Kandi – I’m sure that you don’t bother James and Jules. They love to help anyone!

    The calcium is called EZorb. The website I believe is http://www.EZorbOnline.com

    My foot is getting better everyday!! I have been studying about these stupid spurs and they can be on many different areas of the body – like yours on the back of your feet. I think this will help with any of them – not just on the bottom of your foot. Give it a try and let me know. I have been walking barefoot and in thongs the last few days – which I haven’t done in months!! I am so pleased and thankful to have found this stuff. I’ve been on it almost two weeks now.

  8. I started taking it and I too am wearing a thong.

  9. Karen, if you ever find out the complete prioritizing secrets, let us know as your Mother and I even when together still don’t have enough time to do all we want, but maybe we do too much talking, running, and eating.

  10. Thanks Karen:
    I will check out this website.
    I hope your spur continues to go away AND STAY AWAY!

    Yeah, I think my dad had bone spurs in his back. They were quite painful. I dont think he had anything done to them. I’m sure it was painful.
    I think when I feel bad or a my body is out of sync the bone spur does worse. Maybe it is me but I have my good days and my bad days with this.
    Thanks Much Karen,

  11. Thongs, Tom! FLIP FLOPS!