Send ‘Em Packing!

June 26, 2007

We are now the proud owners of Luggage! Yeah, I know. . .that is not something to be exactly proud of. Yet, when you have been married over 15 years and taken many trips with pieced together luggage, this is a big deal.

We are planning to take a family trip in the future and so we splurged and bought some luggage. The funny thing was getting it all home. We had a fight over who was going to get the smallest suitcase – both boys wanted it. We finally had them measure and they could see that the smallest one came up to Jaden’s belly button and the bigger one came up to Julian’s belly button. So that made it okay and Jaden ended up with the smallest one.

pack1Here’s a picture of our luggage – I realize it doesn’t ALL match, but I love each piece.

We arrived home around 10:00 that night but the boys were so excited over their new luggage that they went in and packed them that night. They took a trip to the lake last weekend and felt like their bags should be packed a week ahead of time. It was really cute. The next morning both boys wheeled their packs all over the house and for the next week we were living out of the suitcases.




8 responses to Send ‘Em Packing!

  1. Heh….at least you are excited about luggage and not trash cans! I DO love my new trash cans :rotfl When you go for SO LONG without something it feels like such a luxury when you finally get it (be it trash cans or luggage).

    I had another huge moment this week when I went out and bought new makeup at Target. It’s been a good five years since I actually spent money on makeup & it made me a little sick at first to have to spend that hard earned $$…but my face is already thanking me!

    *Love Jaden’s outfit…

  2. Congratulations!
    Ron and I took the luggage plunge last year. After all our years of marriage we never had luggage either. We had alway had to borrow luggage if we took a trip. Last year it felt pretty good to walk through a lobby of a hotel wheeling our very own luggage. Oh, what a proud moment. Just goes to show you the simple things in life are our joys.
    Have fun!

  3. Yeah, Amber, I’m waiting to see that post about those cans! I want pictures!

    Glad you got your new makeup. It’s so great to get something new for your face. It’s like rearranging the furniture – just makes you feel better.

    Yes, T, I remember many trips with borrowed luggage or used luggage we picked up at agarage sale. We have even had a few luggage fiascos where we had to end up buying some duct tape to make sure it would arrive on the other end okay with everything still inside. I am very excited about the new luggage.

    We bought bright colors because on our last trip we waited at the luggage carousel and watched 10,000 black rolling cases go by. The bright ones were easy to spot and those people seemed to get their luggage faster. We made a mental note then to buy something besides black!

  4. We did the same thing for years and years and years. It is nice to have things that match…even nicer to have luggage with rollers instead of trying to carry immense suitcases all over the place.

  5. I just want to know who gets the big bright blue one. Is that a Daddy suitcase or a Mommy suitcase?

  6. Wow! How cool! Mabe someday we will have wonderful new luggage. We look ridiculous when we travel. I did get a great bag for myself at an estate sale. I use the kids backpacks and anything else I can get my hands on to throw stuff in.

    I miss you. . .

  7. Amber, I am so happy you finally got your trash cans!

    We recently got new ones too. Our others were like 12 years old and the wheels were gone and there were holes in the bottom. I keep hosing out my new cans and admiring them.

    When the kids were babies I couldn’t afford to get my hair cut and I never got new clothes. Now I just LOVE going to the salon and buying a few new clothes now and then. What a blessing! I totally understand!

  8. Wow, Julie…you are hosing out your trash cans! You really DO love them! :rotfl Mine still look pretty good, but that’s because I won’t let anyone throw “loose” trash in them just yet (only trash IN trash bags can go into the new cans-hehe).

    *It’s such a big deal when I get my hair cut that I have to do a blog post about it!