Sliding Into a New First

March 28, 2007

Over the past year I have had too many occasions to turn the final pages of the Babyhood chapter of my life forever. When you are in the middle of all the baby stuff you think it’s going to last forever but now that it’s almost gone it seems to have literally sprouted wings and flew away.

Some of those final moments were seeing the gynecologist for the last time ever because of a baby need, the final ride in the double stroller, putting away the highchair, throwing away those sexy nursing bras and no longer spoon-feeding a little mouth with my hand. I cried the night before my big garage sale as I put meaningless little prices on memories that I could not put a value on. It was hard to see strangers load up all my tangible things that held such huge memories for me and drive down the road and out of my life forever. I heard a book slam shut after that day!

Along with the sadness comes a sense of “we made it” too. I am finding that with the melancholy comes a promise of really fun times ahead for our family. Vacations where everyone can walk and eat real food. Everyone will wipe their own butt and dress themselves. These are huge “firsts” that will come with time in my life.

Monday night I experienced a brand new “first” that I am very excited about it. Julian signed up for Coach Pitch Baseball and had his very first practice. It was from 5:00 to 6:30 and I really enjoyed it. I loved how all these little boys showed up and you could instantly tell their personalities, who has played before, who wants to be there and who is competitive. My son happens to be the kid who would rather make everyone else laugh than really pay attention (wonder who he gets that from – surely not his Father!). He is the ham on the field and one of the smallest kids on the team.


Tom and I laughed because we had just watched the Sandlot the other day and this was like seeing it played out before our eyes. (Great movie, by the way – there’s some cussing but it’s hilarious!! Worth getting and watching.) When Julian walked up to meet his coach for the first time he leaned back to Jaden and knowingly whispered “He’s got a mustache!” One kid missed a ball and yelled “Dangit! Son of a Nutcracker!”. We just laughed and laughed.

Then came the ball sailing high in the air toward Julian and hit him smack in the jaw! Yeah, the little boy who had his teeth knocked out not too long ago was hit again. He boo hoo’d for awhile but we put him back together and situated him on the field. No broken teeth just a big puffy jaw to show off and a sudden loss of wisecracks.


I am looking forward to years of my kids playing sports. Of seeing them go out and try new things. They may very well stink at it or be the best – but it will be fun! This is a new “first” that I welcome. I’m even going to buy the matching shirt! I want to look like a Baseball Mom!



6 responses to Sliding Into a New First

  1. Oh Karen, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching your kids play the sports that YOU at one time played. It’s like seeing yourself in rewind. We quickly start telling them – do it this way, no do it that way! You will have great memories in this new phase of familyhood. I’m in withdrawl this baseball season because my oldest (who just turned 16 in February) will not be playing this season. My middle son isn’t sure he wants to play but I know my daugther will play. I’m already missing “the everynight at the baseball field” fun. :( Remember too, you are making GREAT memories for your kids as well. Enjoy! :p

  2. Cindy, I just can’t get over how old your kids are!!! It seems not that long ago that we were talking about Tom and I getting married and you were pregnant with your first! How time flies.

    You are right. I look forward to the memories that the kids will have too.

  3. How quickly time flies. It is hard to see all the items that carry memories go away, but it’s such a good thing that we get to keep the memories in our minds and reminisce with pictures.

    We’ve had baseball withdrawal for several years now, and with both of our kids now moving on with their own lives. . . life really starts to change. It’s just part of the life cycle. We’re always glad as parents to see our kids succeed, but somehow wish the clock would move a little slower at times after time seems to leap forward and we wonder where it went!

    When Julian is ready for company, invite us all to his games! I think we all have ball withdrawal, including the grandparents!

    Thanks for sharing all the kids’ life events with us, and allowing us to enjoy them growing up. It won’t be long before Jaden will be playing ball too. Danny was ready to play t-ball when Christi was starting into her second year of it way back in 1988! How time flies!

  4. Yeah, time flies so quickly! We would love to have you all join us at his games. I’ll let you know when the season begins. I think it will be in May. Julian would love the fans.

  5. How fun!

    Jessica starts practice next week. We are really looking forward to softball and summer. I just LOVE summer!!!!!

    Julian is a toughy. Bless his heart.

  6. The other night we had friends over and they were out playing baseball. Poor guy got hit right in the MOUTH and split both his lips open. Blood everywhere and huge lips. I felt so bad for him – AGAIN!!

    He’s a trooper, still went to baseball practice the next night.