Snow Babies and Mommy Moods

December 8, 2005

Today is our first official “Snow Day” of the year. I met it with a gammet of emotions. Thoughts of little bundled up bodies trudging through snow drifts, snow balls and attempts at snowmen, collide with the images of runny noses, muddy snow prints on carpeting, piles of wet mittens, hats, coats and boots strewn across the entryway.

I thought back to my snow days as a child and appreciated my Mom all the more. I never remember her being in a bad mood or miffed at all the snowy clothing and us kids traipsing in and out and back in and out. I just remember the good. Good job Mom.

So today I tried my best to see that the kids would look back on this day with fun, fond memories and not Mom being in a bad mood. I made hot chocolate and greeted the red fingers and Jaden’s tear-filled eyes with a smile.

All that truly makes me sound like such a shallow Mom, doesn’t it? Oh well, I think I am just tired of all the messes around here. They are almost done . . .the carpet comes tomorrow and the addition will be done!!! :)

Here are some adorable shots of my Snow Princess and the boys.


Evely liked the snow,
probably because she couldn’t feel the cold!

Remember how that tasted? I tasted it again and it hadn’t changed.

The boys stood for the longest time and
threw snow and yelled “It’s snowing!”

Jaden, always cleaning up!

I’ll leave you with this snowman funny.




16 responses to Snow Babies and Mommy Moods

  1. I love the funny at the end!

    Evely looks adorable in that pink snowsuit!

    Do you ever wonder if our mom’s were in bad moods and we didn’t notice? I guess I kinda hope so. Maybe my kids don’t know how frustrated I’m feeling, at times. Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I love it more than I imagined I would, so it’s a good thing!

  2. Yeah, I hope that my kids don’t notice my moods. Maybe they are too caught up in their own little lives to notice. That’s probably the beauty of being a self-absorbed child.

    Maybe that’s God’s way of protecting them from our moods. It gives them wonderful memories of childhood despite us!

  3. They sure know when I’m ticked. The tears pouring from their eyes and the non stop screaming “Don’t beat me anymore, please” is all saying yep dad’s in a bad mood.

  4. I’m KIDDING of course. Their tears don’t actually pour.

  5. Funny, hon!

  6. Hehe, Evely looks adorable!

  7. Karen! The girls and I at CMH south were reading your website. (It stays on our history list b/c Tom has it up) Anyway, we were bored and I hope you don’t mind but we just wanted to tell you how great it is. You inspire us, you have kept such a good outlook during such a crazy time. The baking with Julian in a half remodeled kitchen using great grandmas butterhorn roll recipe, taking snapshots, downloading them, updating the site, patience with a 5 year old, all while the other two are napping or pulling at your legs is like super woman:) We are in awe, you are literally better than Oprah, no seriously. We also loved the snow day story, it was so sweet, you really inspire us!! Keep the faith and stay strong.

  8. Wow, Rolanda (and CMH girls)! I don’t quite no what to say. . . which is unusual.

    I remember when I was a loan officer and I received phone calls of thanks, gifts from satisfied customers, kudos from the boss and sometimes a $$ bonus! You just never get that as a stay at home mom. Now my thanks are from sticky fingers grabbing fruit snacks from your hand, a hug from little arms and a cry that only will stop when I pick them up.

    BUT. . .your words today were a gift to me. Thank you so very very much. You have no idea how your kindness brought life to my soul today, seriously!!

    There is a verse in Proverbs that says “What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words.” I think a lot about this as I yell at my children and speak to other people. There is much power in our words and your words brought life to me today!

    I appreciate your taking the time to write!! Feel free to visit this site anytime!

  9. Isn’t Carl a social worker? He could turn you in, Tom!

    The snow pictures are great, Karen. Brings back such good memories in Missouri. :)

  10. Hey Karen- I am glad you enjoyed the post, I meant every word. It seems like mothering become a lost art. You are an encouragement to those of trying to bring it back. I have decided to try to make bread again soon thanks to you, and I believe I will use Grandma’s recipe:) Take care and have a great Christmas. The scripture will come in handy as well, that is a really powerful thing to think about especially when dealing with children,(or husbands) :)

  11. I do my absolute best to keep that in mind whenever I’m at work. It is demanding to always be the peace keeper but I know my kind words of wisdom, advice and encouragement are always welcome. I do wonder sometimes why I’m not ever told that, but I’m sure all the girls I work with appreciate my candor.

  12. WOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  13. …And Karen it’s “know” when it denotes knowledge of something. (Just a little help from the daddy spellright).

  14. Oh my gosh Karen, you are in my prayers…

  15. Yes, I need all the prayer I can get Rolanda.

    HON, I typed that while saying “no, no!” to some little people. I don’t KNOW how to spell KNOW the right way because I am always saying “NO, NO!” Get it???? love ya. . .

  16. Rolanda, you really will enjoy the bread recipe. They are delicious. We always told my Grandma she didn’t need to make dessert because we had her rolls to eat.