Snow Days and New Experiences

December 1, 2006

I always loved a good snow day as a kid. Now I love it when we have a snow day and actually have SNOW! The boys begged to go out yesterday but it was sooo cold. I told them when it started snowing they could go out. So toward evening last night we bundled up and went out to test the first snowfall of the year.


snow 1
Julian’s trying to catch the snowflakes on his tongue.

The snow was so beautiful.

This morning when we woke up and ran to the windows to look out, it was a winter wonderland! The sun was shining brightly and all the world was crisp and bright. Full of peace and quiet serenity. We all bundled up and went outside again for some snowy adventures.

Last year Jaden hated the snow. This year it was Evely’s turn. She lasted a whole 2 minutes that were filled with tears of hatred toward the cold snow that stuck to her gloves. So it was just me and the boys. This year Jaden enjoyed trying his hand at shoveling the drive, sledding and of course tasting the snow. That was his favorite thing. Even after coming inside the house he was still eating snow off his boots!




The boys did their best to shovel the drive. Jaden is using a giant squeegie. Even Maxy was having fun following the boys around.

My Boys. They are so special to me!



7 responses to Snow Days and New Experiences

  1. It’s fun to see them enjoying the snow!

    All Anjelia wanted to do was eat snow!

    I love how Maxi is out with them braving the cold snow!

  2. I love Jaden’s coat! That is so cute. I remember my brother and I having a ball in the snow, especially when dad would pull us behind the pickup on our sled.

    I think it is an odd case of how we are all so similar that it is such a universal thing as a kid to eat snow.

  3. Love the kids in the snow!! You guys got all the white stuff!!
    Atchison did not get a single snowflake!! My kids were so bummed!!
    Oh well, I am sure we will get a turn!!

    I was reading about you having the cookie exchange!! Tell everyone
    I say hello from way up north in Kansas!!! It’s been fun decorating a new (or rather really old) house!! We finally sold and closed on the house in Oak Grove at the end of October.

    Christmas blessings from our family to yours!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too! I am so glad you guys finally sold your house. That’s a great Christmas present!

  5. Karen,
    Any good pictures from Sunday night? Where is your post about the Christmas program? All of my picture stink (they are all dark), so I didn’t do a post about it. Come on….I need a “Karen’s Blog” fix 😉

  6. sorry, Amber! I’m working on it. I actually have several things to post I just need to sit down and do it.

    I’ll get to it. . .cut me some slack!!! hee hee

  7. OK…OK! You can have a “pass” this ONE time only (but only because it’s Christmas time 😉 ). Says the woman who didn’t post ANYTHING on her blog for weeks & weeks! :rotfl