Some more “Wooly” information

October 13, 2007

Okay, so I did some research on the “wooly” worm and ran across a site that spoke of these fuzzy worms. They stated that many people watch them to determine the length of winter. Their name is the “Wooly Bear Worm” – which made sense why we call them wooly worms!

Most people say that the length of the brown area located in between the two black ends tells the length of winter. The longer the area, the longer winter will be, etc.

I just thought that was an interesting tidbit to share.



6 responses to Some more “Wooly” information

  1. I’ve heard about those flashlights! Where did you get yours? I think you’re right, I need one. See you Wednesday night, Karen. xo

  2. So, from the looks of this Wooly….Does that mean a lonnnnnnnng winter?

  3. I dunno, T??!! The other day I saw one at Mom’s and it looked like a variegated all black/brown mixture. Hmmmm. . .

  4. Okay, so what is your prediction then? Long winter or no?

  5. The way my back hair is growing ( dark black ) I think we’re in for a cold one. :eek

  6. oh boy. . .the boys are commenting again! :moon