Starting the year off…

August 23, 2008

Is Summer already over? Even though the calendar says that Autumn is not yet here, my schedule says that Summer is done. School started today for Julian and I wonder what happened to the years that we didn’t start until after Labor Day.

The day started off bright and early and Julian was ready well before the bus was to arrive. He spent fifteen minutes on the porch waiting for the bus. I sat with him and we looked over the papers his teacher gave us at “meet the teacher” night. He was very excited to see that he should have Library today.


Every year we watch for the bus to turn down the street next to us so that we know when to have Julian head down our long lane to wait for the bus. As we were sitting there, we suddenly see the bus come from the other direction! Uh Oh! We had no idea they had changed the bus route and the poor boy had to sprint down the street while the bus waited. A great start for a first day of a new school year….oh well. That is what life is all about….surprises. No matter how much you plan, things don’t always go as planned.


readers….this post was going to be posted on Monday, but alas things really don’t always go as planned. My site was needing some work and I couldn’t quite post. (Thanks, James, for getting me back up and running! My technical hero.)



2 responses to Starting the year off…

  1. “Run Forrest, ruuunnn!!!”

    (I’m not calling my son mentally delayed for all you people.)

    “Who you calling’ ‘you people’?

  2. Hooray for the first day of school! And Hooray for bus drivers who are willing to wait.