Summer Critters

June 5, 2008

Summer has arrived and I can’t seem to get to my computer to blog these days. So Sorry!

Here’s a couple of cute pictures of a red slider turtle that my Dad found around his pond. He brought it to the kids and we kept it for a couple of days before sending him back to his own habitat. He really brought a lot of enjoyment while we had him.

I love how kids find all the little critters outside and adopt them and quickly name them. This little guy was named “Toony”.

We now have a new beautiful red Betta fish on our counter in our kitchen and he has been named “Rick” – yeah, I know….??


Isn’t he CUTE!

I remember bringing home baby bunnies, snakes and frogs during the summer as a kid. What did you bring home?



5 responses to Summer Critters

  1. I do remember the whole group of neighborhood kids playing with baby snakes that lived near a big bush in our front yard. They had to be garden snakes. I can’t believe today that I did that. Coming across an occasional garden snake in the yard is much less pleasurable for me these days!

    We befriended all the turtles that came through feeding them lettuce. We also tried to help the occasional injured bird! Did you know that it’s not true that if you touch a bird with your bare hands that it’s mother will disown it? A neighbor told us to never pick up a bird without gloves on because we would leave a scent on the bird.

    Isn’t summer such a fun time to get outside and enjoy the critters!



  2. I just learned recently that if you touch a baby bunny, that the mother will disown it – unless you touch all the bunnies. She just notices a different scent than the rest. So if they all smell the same, then it is fine.

    I thought that was interesting.

    I had always heard that about a baby bird too…

  3. Here is a funny for you. We have stray cats around that are in heat making lots of noise late at night and causing all sorts of other problems. Well, Pun has been on a mission to “get rid” of them but everything he has tried has failed and our neighbors keep feeding them. Pun brought back a bb gun to finish the job. The more he shoots at them, though, the bolder they get–they must really have 9 lives! One in particular, just had babies and brought one of them into our yard even after Pun shot at it. So one morning I went downstairs to find Daniel holding the kitten in our living room. Pun brought it in. I guess he is going soft!

  4. We had all kinds of pets during the summer. I loved raising little ducks and geese. They would be grown up enough by the end of the summer that they would take off with the rest of the flock. They followed me around all summer like I was their momma.

    Baby wild bunnies are impossible to raise, they will always die. I tried.

    We loved the little calves. We brought them in the house a time or two!

    I have always loved turtles. I can not stand to drive by them and leave them on the road. I don’t understand how they get hit so often. The are very easy to miss. I think people are so cruel. If there is no traffic coming, I pick them up and take them to a safe place.

    I did hit a snake by accident this spring. I simply did not see it until it was too late. I felt terrible.

  5. I loved tadpoles and lighting bugs. :)

    Always had jars of them sitting around. Yes, and the wild bunnies do always die. 😥 I tried once too to raise them.