Summer Lowlights

August 12, 2010

As I was scrolling through my pictures that encompassed my Summer there were the biggies like Florida, Arizona and the Grand Canyon (which I haven’t posted yet). But among all those “highlights” are the lowlights.  It’s those moments that are happening among everyday and mundane that you don’t want to forget.  Those little nuances that make my children who they are and my home what it is.  It’s not always pretty or the best but those moments are real life to me.  I thought I would capture a few of them here so I don’t forget them later in life when I look back on the Summer of 2010.

Summer Picnics

Julian figuring out how to run a lightbulb off a battery

Julian figuring out how to run a light bulb off a battery.

Evely’s LOVE of stuffed animals.

Mike trying to pay Jaden to hold his feet in the ice cream bucket for a minute. (Didn’t happen)

Evely getting her toenails painted.

Julian fishing and fishing and fishing.  The tale of him losing his pole in the water because a catfish drug it in. Then catching his pole on another pole and it still had the fish on it.  Pole saved, bait saved, fish saved!

Jaden and Evely played t-ball on the same team.  Evely had to hold onto her helmet as she ran around the bases to keep it from falling off.

This is my lowlight from today. I stumbled into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from my eyes to see a little note on the counter with a flower on it. The note said “To/Mom   From/Jaden”  A single flower lay on the note. This is not like my Jaden at all! He isn’t my pick-a-flower-for-mom kinda kid and so this is extra special. I raved over the flower and sat it on the counter to get cereal and eggs for breakfast and there he stood just looking at me.  I wondered what more I could say about his flower and then he said “I figured you would put it in your hair.”  So I wore a flower in my hair all morning.  Once Evely saw how I reacted to the flower she marched herself onto the deck to pick several more.  Then came Jaden in with a handful and I finally had to stop them before every blossom would be gone from the pots on my deck that I watered endlessly in this heat.  What a great memory to keep in my heart.

A new season is almost upon us. School starts next week. My baby girl will head to kindergarten and my days of having a little one at home with me will be over.  I’m looking forward to the new season.  I greet it with a smile through tears.  Each passing moment, brings new and exciting things around the next corner. God always there with me as I turn them.

My next post I will show you pictures of our trip to AZ!!



2 responses to Summer Lowlights

  1. Karen,

    Thanks for posting the pics. I love them – they just made my day brighter!


  2. What sweet summer memories! :)