Sweetness has peaked

June 29, 2008


This Summer I have completely enjoyed my little girl. She has sprung into a little blossom, full of energy and spunk. I have cracked up at her antics and thoughts on life and her little Evely-ism’s are so funny. Here are a few things she has said just recently…

“Hey, you’re gonna get soaped and wet!” = soaking wet

“Momma, I got itchies. I got sugar bites.” = chigger bites

“Hold on, boys, I’m gonna get my soup on.” = swimming suit

“I want to see the magnet flying gas.” = magnifying glass

I’ve noticed for a long time that Evely doesn’t really play with toys. She mostly wants to play with the cat. She will get it, hole up with it in her bedroom for as long as the cat will stand it. Now that Summer has hit she is in “pet” heaven and she daily argues with the boys over whether or not a roly-poly is a pet.

Yesterday she had this yellow striped bug that she carried around for about 2 hours. She repeatedly asked me if I wanted to hold it or pet it. She finally came to me and said “Mom, this bug is just beeeeuuuuuutiful!” I love that she enjoys God’s smallest little creatures. Even with two boys, I have never been asked to hold so many frogs, pet so many bugs or be quiet so I don’t scare away the butterflies.

Here she is in her “soup” playing with a bug. She now has a Dora soup that she adores too!

There must be something about watching your last baby emerge from chubbiness and toddling into becoming a full-blown “kid” with opinions and preferences that captures your attention in a new way. Maybe I’m trying to hang onto moments that are slipping through my fingers way too quickly. I find with this last one that I get on to my older ones for trying to teach her how to say things correctly. I fear that when she masters all the words and her thoughts about life are no longer innocent and silly, those baby moments will be gone forever. I love moving on, but sometimes the lingering sweetness of the childlike amazement of life is refreshing when responsibility and grown-up expectations lie so heavy on your shoulders.


“A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot”



2 responses to Sweetness has peaked

  1. Awwwww. . . what a sweet post.

    My girls have always loved critters of all kinds, too. All four of the girls spend almost all of their outside time finding new “pets”.

    Evely is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. You’re so wise to recognize how quickly the clock truly speeds up as the children grow! Never pass those moments up. As an older mom with grown children, I still rewind and play back in my mind many of those memories of my kids when they were about that age. They are memories that we (moms) truly enjoy over and over, even when the kids are all grown up, on their own, and they really have no burning desire to look back -or have no memory of what you’re talking about when you reminisce! You will think of that “soup” every time you see a little one in a swim suit, and just smile thinking about Evely!

    Life is so short, that we can’t afford to pass up memory making! Enjoy them while they’re little. You can never get it back except in a memory (and film). :)