Take it Higher

February 5, 2007

Part of the woes of being the oldest child is that the younger ones get into your stuff. I know that Julian very often comes crying to me that the littler ones are messing up his projects – especially his art projects! For a long time I told him to “take it higher”. The kitchen table has become his place of solace and creativity. He no longer even has to be told to go there, he just does.

UNTIL. . .

The savage two year old has found Julian’s special place of solitude.

Now the 6-year-old in our home can relate with me that “truly nothing is sacred”!




Now I’m back to hearing “MOM!!!! Evely’s messing up my stuff!”



3 responses to Take it Higher

  1. That last picture says it all, doesn’t it? I remember when we were little and I used to beat up/pick on my brother. His recourse was often to go an wreck something of mine. Those times were especially painful when it was something that I had made. Of course I deserved it as I was instigating alot of the time. He eventually grew bigger than me and that stuff stopped. I remember shedding many tears over his retaliation tactics.

  2. I tell the older girls to put their stuff, “somewhere safe”. I don’t know where that place is, but I’m hoping if they find it, they’ll let me know. hehe!

  3. yup, nothing is really “safe” in our house either.