Taking the Plunge

July 30, 2008

A couple weeks ago we did our annual swimming lessons with my good friend Julie’s girls. This is always something we look forward to each Summer and I marveled this year at the changes we have seen over the years. Every year we have had a couple of babies that would cry on the sidelines longing to get into the pool, or we were pregnant and sweating it out while looking at the inviting pool a few feet away.

This year ALL the kiddos were enrolled and ready to go.

They are quite a bunch! Even one of the lifeguards seemed pretty dumbfounded that all these kids belonged to just two very young and beautiful women. (wink)

Of course a silly pic!

So they all went off to their classes depending on their level. Evely joined the beginners group and went and sat in the circle. She was the littlest one there and I think the youngest. I watched for a few minutes as they went around and told their name and their favorite water animal. After everyone went around commenting on their favorite whale, porpoise or turtle. She quietly said “I’m Evely and my favorite is a cat”. (Girl after my own heart! I liked to put cats in water from the time I was small. I felt they needed to be baptized.)


She was doing great for about 1/2 of the class and then I heard that cry from afar…the one you know is your child’s. So out she came and that was the end of swimming lessons for Evely this year. She wouldn’t have anything more to do with it. She said it was because she was afraid of the “big boy” in her class. There was a 16 year old kid that was lifeguarding and she was afraid of him. We’ll try again next year.

The big event of the year is always on the last day – going off the diving boards! All week long Julian and Jaden discussed how they were both going to go off the high dive. So the time came and Julian went off the board.


Jaden went off the low dive and then Julian went over and put Jaden in line for the high dive. There was quite a commotion from the life guards. They weren’t sure if such a little guy should be allowed to go off the board. Finally Jaden’s teacher said she thought it would be okay and a lifeguard followed behind him up the board. Another got at the bottom and all eyes turned on Jaden. There was quite a cheer going up for him to jump. He stood there for several minutes and you could see that he wanted to soooo bad.


He would start to jump and then back up and laugh nervously. Finally, he took the big plunge!


He was so proud of himself! Mama was too….



10 responses to Taking the Plunge

  1. Hi,
    I was reading your message and just loved your pictures of your little clan. I couldn’t help but feel bad for your little one who was affraid of the “Big” life guard. Have you ever thought of hirering a private swim instructor to come to your home to teach swimming?

    That’s what I have been doing for about 20 years. I teach little ones as young as 6 months old and children 3 years and older are usually swimming in about 4 hours or less.

    I live in Florida and the Drownings here are so high we teach the children to learn water survival skills as soon as they can get their face wet.

    Just a suggestion~
    Have a great evening,

  2. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! I really enjoyed our swim lessons this year & I think I’m going to look forward to doing it every summer now. It really is fun watching your kids master a new skill that will bring them so much joy in the future. There is nothing like lazy summer days at the pool when you are a kid :-).

  3. I LOVED seeing Jaden go off the high dive. That was a really amazing thing to see a four year old jump off that thing. How high must that seem to him? AMAZING!!!!! That was a blast!

  4. It’s funny how shocked people are at the size of our group. We don’t go out in public as a group that often!! We forget how big we are!!!

  5. Last weekend I went off that high dive. That was my first time ever from that high. I thought I’d never get back to the top. I think that was pretty brave of Jaden.

  6. Jules, yeah, I sometimes I look at our group and just chuckle. I remember the times of “no kids” and “trying for kids” and “will we ever have kids…” and …..WOW! We are blessed.

    James! Good job! I remember being the kid who would climb the board and go to the end and just stand there forever. Sometimes I would have to go back down the ladder and try another day. Once I would go off for the first time each Summer then I was fine.

  7. I was shocked when Jaden did a flip off of the diving board today!!! I’ve been at the pool all summer and he’s the youngest kid I’ve seen go off the boards, much less do a flip in the air!!!

  8. I am so glad the kids love the water. I was not encouraged at all to get in the water as a kid. And I didn’t really enjoy going to the pool with vaseline and cotton in my ears with an extra small swim cap that made me look like a chinese face lift.

  9. What a great picture of the kids. I am so proud of all of them for learning to swim (and advancing in the technique as the case may be). I love the picture of Julian jumping of the high dive; he has really grown this summer. Kudos to Jaden for jumping off the high dive! I noticed Lydia (AKA “The Encourager”) on the sidelines cheering him on.

  10. Sounds like Jaden will be going to the Olympics. Count me in for the vote! :mrgreen: