The Best way to Share a Meal . . .

January 8, 2007

Is with a friend!!

Tom and I have always playfully disagreed about what a mealtime is really about. Many times I am just starting my plate of food only to look over and see Tom sitting there completely finished and his plate scraped clean. I am always amazed and when I comment on it the response is always the same.

“The purpose of eating, is to eat, not to socialize. You are so busy talking that your food gets cold. When I sit down to eat – I eat! When I’m done eating then I will talk.”

It’s become a joke around here. I guess it’s true. I think it is a difference between men and women. Men really are in the conquering mode and we are in the nurturing one. They sit down to conquer that big bad plate of food and we women see it as an opportunity to bond and catch up on life.

For Tom’s sake I must say that this is not always the norm with him. In fact, I think over the years he has started talking more during mealtimes. If we go on a date. . .well, he’s a wonderful date! I think it’s because that’s the “purpose” of that meal – to talk.

So this morning I had to laugh when I saw that my baby girl decided to take her breakfast to another level in the kitchen. She needed some company and found a friend to share it with. Just another tally mark for my theory!!


So how is it in your family?? Do you men out there like to talk a lot at the typical dinnertime meal at home? Or do you mainly eat? I’m curious.



13 responses to The Best way to Share a Meal . . .

  1. I like the idea of having a conversation during meal time but in reality the only place that really happens is at a restuarant or when company is over. Otherwise I prefer to sit in front of the tv and eat while watching something. Its a bad habit, but it always feels like killing two birds with one stone that way.

  2. So another tally mark for my theory. Tom does well if company is over or going out too.

  3. Yeah and the cat is male which as you can see is tending to the business of eating while the female in the picture would like to examine the bowl the food is in, talk about how it was prepared and then afterward settle down with a nice quiet snuggle on the couch with Blues Clues.

  4. Honey, you are so right!! :fish

  5. Sometimes James talks a lot during dinner. It’s usually about business. If we wait till the kids are in bed to enjoy food together, we sit on the floor and watch something off the DVR.

  6. Hehe :rotfl :rotfl

    Jonathan DOES NOT talk and eat! He also thinks dinner time is for eating (what is with these men?). Although, recently we have been eating dinner BEFORE the kids do & we do get to chat a little when we do that. It’s been so LOOONNNGGG since we have been out on a date that I can’t remember if we eat slower then or not?? Maybe Jon does take his time when we go out….I’ll have to pay attention next time (whenever that is).

  7. Well, it’s nice to know that I am not the only woman out there thinking these thoughts. It just truly shows us that we are two different types of people! Not bad – just different. It is funny.

    Amber, glad you are back!

  8. Dinner time is my favorite time to sit and talk while eating together. Kenny and I always talk a lot. No TV during dinner is a rule with few exceptions, and we eat at the table where we actually look at each other, whether at home or at a restaurant. It has been one of the wisest rules we setup from day 1 of our marriage.

    Dinner has always provided a time of family sharing where we would learn things about each other’s, and the kids’ day that they wouldn’t otherwise have shared. Still today (as 98 percent empty nesters), when we all get to sit together as a family, we all talk about plans, projects, people and events, and we still razz, joke, and cut-up a little.

    I remember when we had little people. . . when it was abnormal to not have a spill at every meal, and it being difficult to not be up and down getting things to take care of everyone’s needs. But, as they grew, I just didn’t put the food on the table for anyone to start until I was ready for them to eat so I got to eat with them. Buzzing around the kitchen just gives you another set of hands to help get everything to the table!

    I wouldn’t trade any of the days I got to spend at home with my kids, but I think that anyone that is without adult conversation for most of their the day deserves to hear the sweet music to their ears of the voice of their spouse in dinner conversation. It’s just good for the mental health!

    I was thinking about the WWJD, so I read about the last supper in Matthew 26 . . . “Jesus was reclining at the table . . . as they were eating, he said” . . . and so it goes. These were all men, and I believe that they had lots of meals together and they talked during their meal! I also think that Jesus, the Master himself used the mealtime to relax with those closest to Him, to share, and to teach. Just a thought! :love

  9. Those are great thoughts, Barb! We regularly try to have dinner as a family and no t.v. It is nice – sort of. I know that as the kids get bigger it will take on more meaning and just work better for all of us. Tom and I have always sat down and eaten dinner together without the tube on which I think has been a good habit.

    I like your thoughts on Jesus. I never really thought about that before “. . .and he said. . .”. Good thoughts!!!

    Thanks for commenting. Hope you guys are doing good and Danny’s house is coming together for you all. We would like to come see it sometime.

  10. Hurray for conversations at meal time! It is often hard to slow down during a busy week, so I do like the idea of sitting and talking while eating. We never ate in front of the TV when we were kids, but I do it often now…

  11. When we get together at guy’s night out, though, we chat up a storm. We is odd creatures!

  12. That you are, Carl, that you are.

  13. I am just catching up and this is old stuff, but I had to laugh. My two boys and i sit down together 5 nights out of 7. I am used to this now.
    “This is killer, Mom” ….silence for three minutes, then “Thanks for the dinner , Mom! ” I find I have really deep and personal conversations with the cat, Bob, who leaps onto Joe’s empty chair after he’s left. :p