The Good and the Sad

November 3, 2005

Today was a very happy day filled with some sadness!

I know you all have had days like that before.

The good first. . .Mom had a very good day! She felt much stronger. A couple of friends came over and even took her to lunch. She said that her bladder problem was even better today. She said it is not completely gone, but it was very encouraging to her. I think she will wait a little while longer before going to the Dr.

She even felt good enough to drive over this afternoon to see Julian. That was her first driving trip since before surgery!

She came over to see Julian because of the SAD part of the day. Today Julian was on the teeter totter at school and a boy jumped off and “bumped” him. He hit his mouth on this bar that is there to hold onto. It jammed all of his four front teeth up into his mouth and they splintered. He broke the bone there, too.

I rushed him to the dentist and they had to pull the four teeth out (what was left) and the splinters of bone. They sutured him up and now he is here resting with gauze in his mouth. He was truly a very brave little boy!! They won’t know how it affected his permanent teeth until they come in, which may not be for quite awhile. I am just thankful to God that it was only teeth and not something worse. I am glad I prayed for his safety today. It could have been worse!

I feel very sad because I mourn for his little smile full of teeth. It’s different when they fall out on their own – it’s cute. However, seeing the dentist pull them out ahead of time is NOT the same.

I have that song in my head “You take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life!” (I think that is how it went) So I have felt the facts of life today. God is still so good.

I will post pictures of his teeth if anyone is curious. Just didn’t want to gross anyone out, so I will have to have a request from you all.

The tooth fairy should have a hayday with four teeth tonight! Hee Hee.



16 responses to The Good and the Sad

  1. I think the tooth fairy likes to get her teeth the natural way too. 😐

  2. That is sad! What a traumatic experience! The poor guy. Did they put him out or was he awake when they pulled the teeth? Is he staying home from school for the rest of the week? Poor Julian….poor mom! It’s as hard on mom’s as it is on the kids, I think. Maybe even harder. I bet your exhausted Karen. I’ll pray his mouth heals quickly and that there’s no permanent damage.

    Now I no why there are no teeter totters around anymore. They should probably get rid of it. I bet they do now.

  3. OH MY, my front teeth hurt after hearing about Julian. Bless his heart, I hope the permanent teeth are not effected.
    I’m glad your MOM feels better. I’ll have both of them in my prayers.

  4. Yes, it was extremely traumatic. I feel just wiped out!

    No, they didn’t put him out. Just gave him shots to numb it and then started digging and pulling out pieces of teeth. I felt like I was watching a horror movie. I kept praying the whole time and that really helped.

    I also kept thinking that I am so glad I live in the age with modern dentistry!! What would a mom do if her child did something like this and there wasn’t any dentist, or pain-killer. What would you do?! I know that is morbid, but I am just very very thankful that they could do x-rays and figure out what was what. For awhile the dentist just kept looking at it and spraying off the blood and trying to figure out if it was baby teeth or permanent teeth. Okay, I’ll stop. It was just so awful.

    Tom wondered why I didn’t get my camera out and take pictures. It never even crossed my mind!!

    Thanks for praying!

    Here’s the really sad thing. . .tonight Julian went in and got this really neat Superman logo he had colored and just ripped it up and threw it in the trash. It is like he decided that he just wasn’t Superman afterall. I think it hit him that he is mortal. Isn’t that just sad that he had to learn that at 5.

  5. OH KAREN! I feel so bad for Julian….poor little guy. :-( I’m so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic event today. My heart just hurts for you right now. I know it’s so hard to see your child in pain. As a mother we just want to “make it all better” & it’s so hard when there is nothing we can do to take away the pain. I’ll pray for Julian to feel better very soon. Give him some big hugs for me (and McKenna too!).

  6. Thanks, Amber! I got the phone call right when I was leaving McD’s! What an afternoon it turned out to be. How is your Mom?? Any better? Your Dad called last night for us to pray for her too.

  7. What a day. I hurt my back earlier and was walking like an old man. I also was the late guy so I had to work late and I was the only one at work after 3:00, so I got to think about it alot, and felt like a bad dad not being there. He is a strong kid, he didn’t cry much at all when I saw him at home and he even seemed to enjoy showing me his bloody mouth. And yes pictures would be cool, but Karen doesn’t think so.

  8. It’s interesting how different kids who are raised in the same home can be. Lydia is as tough as nails. When she gets shots she curiously watches and doesn’t so much as wimper. Jessica on the other hand screams and cries and has panic in her eyes. I sure hope and pray she never has such an awful accident as this. She’d be very traumatized.

    I am glad to hear Julian’s doing well. We’re praying for him. When I told the girls what happened they gasped. They felt real sorry for him. I hope you guys have a good weekend. I will pray for good health for all of you. You’ve had such a hard time lately.

  9. Carol, I think you have me beat with your story!! That was quite a day and I would not want to go through that. Mine was bad enough. That’s pretty funny about your clothes being on wrong-side out!! :) I’m sure that one day we will look back on this with a chuckle ourselves.

    Thanks for posting!! I never know who is reading and I love it when people post. Thank you. I always loved your stories about your kids.

    Mom’s next chemo is on the 16th. She is doing good.

  10. Hon, don’t feel bad about not being there. I know it was out of your hands. There really wasn’t room for you in the dentist room anyway. Hee Hee :)

    Julie, I’ve been praying for your trip tomorrow. You guys are gonna have a great weekend. Enjoy yourselves.

  11. Oh, Karen – I do know what you’re feeling! My son Tim had an awful bicycle accident when he was 13 or 14 and knocked out his front permanent teeth. It happened early one morning – he had snuck out to go jump his bike on ramps that he wasn’t supposed to be doing – so when I got up and went downstairs to start breakfast – imagine the surprise I got when my son walked in with blood everywhere, a broken arm and his hand doubled up. When I saw what he was carrying in his fist, I could only say why did you bring those rocks home with you. He answered – they’re not rocks Mom, they’re my teeth! That was a horrible day for me. We rushed from emergency room, where they just patched him up, because his teeth were priority, to dentist, then back to emergency room for stitches in front and back of his head, then one of the temporary slings on his arm because by then, it was too swollen to set. At the 2nd time in the hospital, it finally dawned on me why I couldn’t get all of my prescriptions and notes stuffed into my blouse pocket – because I had thrown my clothes on wrong side out.

    Tim’s teeth were crammed back into his mouth and then they wired him because all concurred that it was very traumatic for a child to lose teeth in an accident. We managed to save them until he was around 21 or so, then had them pulled and he now has a plate.

    Some children do get plates put in if their permanent teeth are not close yet. And I think the tooth fairy needs to be VERY GENEROUS with that precious little boy. This is so sad. But believe me, he’ll come out of it much better than you will.

    On a good note, glad to hear about your Mom. When does she take her next chemo? Tell her that I’m still praying for her every day and think of her often – just not good about staying in touch like we should.

    Love and prayers to all.

  12. Karen-
    Just wanted to let you know you have the cutest little boy! I thought it was so sweet when Julian wanted to talk to me on the phone today. I love how he tells the story….he acts like it was a rather small thing that happened to him yesterday. Such a “big boy” reaction for a 5 year old.

    By the way, McKenna still wants to bring him ice cream….and give him a “kiss and a hug” (her words). It cracks me up that McKenna is oblivious to the fact that Julian is no longer “into” kisses and hugs from girls. Oh, if boys would only think like that all the way through High School-LOL!

  13. I really must see some pictures!

    If I can take looking at the gory pictures that are taken around deer season, I think I can take anything.

    Sorry to hear about the “accident”, but I hope Julian feels better!


    Aunt Mary Kay and Uncle Bill

  14. You know, I’m sure he could milk the story for a lot of sympathy from his girl classmates. “Yeah, I got into a fight defending your honor!”

  15. Funny, Rob! Right now he’s starting to get into the “cootie” stage.

  16. Oh my goodness–poor kid! How awful!