The sweetest Thing!

September 11, 2010

Unfortunately my computer will not upload a video.    I think it’s getting way too old and is on it’s last leg.  So I want to send you to my friend Jule’s blog so you can see a video of Jaden from this weekend.  Click HERE to view.

Jaden and Anjelia have been friends since birth. Jule’s and I were pregnant at the same time with them and they have played together since babies. They even went through preschool together and they have such a special friendship it’s sweet! We went over to Anjelia’s Friday night for her seventh birthday party. Evely was able to spend the night with her and I really didn’t think too much about Jaden’s thoughts on the party. However, he came home from school and immediately started working on a picture for her. It was of her backyard and they were climbing a tree together. Amidst the two hours of working on this masterpiece, he also was playing the guitar. (He can’t actually play it) He told me he wanted to take the guitar and play it for Anjelia. He is so extremely shy I didn’t think he was serious. When it came time to leave he was excited and nervous. He made sure Tom packed up the guitar too. We both thought when he got there he would chicken out and not play it; he’s just too shy.

After Anjelia opened her gifts, Jaden went and got the guitar and sat down to serenade her. No one even reminded or asked him to do it.

You must view the video. It’s priceless!

I really am going to post my Arizona pictures….must find some time.



One response to The sweetest Thing!

  1. Oh Karen – that was just adorable!

    What a memory. And I can just see how they’re both going to love that memory when they hit their teen years!

    Remember, you told Karen that you would come in for lunch some day. We’re going to hold you to it.