The Swing

August 10, 2007

We have this enormously beyond belief tree in our backyard. It is one of my most favorite things about where we live. It has always had this one limb that Tom and I said would be perfect for a swing someday. Last Summer Tom built a swing for the kids and hung it up. Every so often I see them out there trying it out. I’ve even been known to take a few swings on it every once in awhile.



The Discussion.

. . .The Compromise.



2 responses to The Swing

  1. Ha!!!! Great pics!!!! They’ll have some great memories of that swing.

    That is a beautiful tree. We miss our trees. Too bad you can’t move ’em!

    I love to go to the park and swing. It feels soooooooo good!

  2. Hey friend- I saw your mom on Sun and she looks GREAT!! Maybe I have a little kind of faith or have never seen God heal someone on a first hand basis but Whoa… and she is sure lucky to have a daughter that supports her so much!! Must go- we are watching our friends kids- all 6 of them (plus my four):)