The Verdict is In. . .

November 9, 2005

I know that you have all been waiting in suspense for the outcome of my ticket, so here it is.

When I arrived at the courtroom, it was full. I sat down and waited while the judge explained how the evening would progress. He would take all the plea bargain cases that were represented by the lawyers followed by requests for continuance. Then the guilty pleas – that’s me, and finally all the not-guilty pleas.

When the guilty pleas came up, I headed over to the table where you told the officer your name, he would pull out your paper work and then you would take it to the judge. He would state the charge and you would plead guilty. He asked everyone to state their reason for the charge and gave a chance to defend yourself.

When I got to the table, I gave the officer my name and he rifled through all the envelopes but couldn’t find mine. So he had me sit down next to him and went and told the lady beside the judge that my paperwork was not there. She went back to the prosecutors office to locate my paperwork. After a considerable amount of time had passed she came back and told me to have a seat in the courtroom with all the other people that were waiting.

Everyone was done and the not-guilty pleas were about to begin and there I sat wondering what in the world was going on. Pretty soon the prosecutor came and got me and took me to his office. I sat down and he began to explain that an officer from up North had called and asked that the charges be dismissed. He said evidently I had helped this officer with something and he wanted them to consider dropping the charge. He told me the Chief of Police was not there that night and he could either wait to ask him or just drop the charge. He decided to drop the charge!!!!

I left a free woman, no points, no fines, no driving school. NO NOTHING!!!!

How is that for an All-powerful, Loving, Caring, Just and Awesome Advocate!!! He was with me! He went before me, He hemmed me in from behind. His name is a strong tower and the righteous can run into it and be safe!! I praise HIS name for being my advocate tonight!

What do you think of that!!??



13 responses to The Verdict is In. . .

  1. I knew you really were not a criminal!!! God knows all of our needs and can meet them just in time. The hardest part is keeping Faith that he will. That is always easier said than done.

  2. Aren’t you glad you listened to the Holy Spirit instead of everyone else’s advice! It’s so hard to do, but you pulled it off. How much would you have wasted on a lawyer?! God is good.

  3. Well, I’m not happy at all!

    I have always got nailed when I had to go to court. I never got a personal visit from the prosecutor telling me how great I am.

    Where is the justice! I want justice!

    (hehe, congratulations, Karen)

  4. I have to say that I am floating along today in a state of shock and awe at what God can truly do. It showed me again that we can take things into our own hands and it will probably be okay. OR, when God speaks, if we follow him, even though it doesn’t make sense, it does pay off! If paid off literally this time!!

  5. Yes, What an awsome Father we have. Always looking out for us and taking care of us.

  6. Who was this officer ‘up north’?

  7. So….where are Tommy’s words of wisdom????? :0)

    I’m so happy for you, Karen. To me, God is showing you that if He can help you in the little things then He will be there in the big. And….actually….there are no little things to God. They’re all lessons for us – just like we teach our kids every minute of the day… does He.

  8. The Officer “up North” is two people. In the natural it’s an awesome new friend from Church. He was one who really recommended that I get a lawyer. The other day at church I told him that I wasn’t going to get a lawyer and was just going to leave in the Lord’s hands. I think he went to bat for me!!

    The other Officer that I have is due North – like skyward!! I give him all the credit for arranging this dismissal in my life. He obviously laid it on John’s heart to do this for me. Only HE could have arranged this!

    Yes, Cathy, I totally agree. I feel that the Lord really encouraged me in the Faith area! That has been my big struggle this year. That’s what Casting Crumbs is all about to me – my journey of faith. The substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things UNSEEN!

  9. Hey, T! Thanks for posting. How are you doing? How is your back doing?

  10. that is dang amazing!

  11. My sentiments exactly Mel!

  12. Wow, very cool indeed.