The Wedding

August 5, 2006

Right after returning from Vegas, we packed up the van and headed to Moberly for Tom’s niece’s wedding. I had the opportunity to take the wedding photos – something that has had me a little stressed out over the past weeks. (You know your nervous when you start dreaming about it every night!) Jaden was also the adorable Ring Bearer (Ring Bear as Julian would say).

This is Christi, she looked beautiful!!

No one was sure that Jaden would actually walk down the aisle, but I had faith in him . . .and a big bag of bribe candy of course! We gave the bag of candy to Grandma and told him to walk down and get it. It worked!! He did great. He walked slowly behind the flower bear (Julian’s name for her) and watched as the petals would float to the floor.

My Little Ring Bear!

The other day MaryKay and Jonathan came over to let us use the bowtie. The boys had just come in from slip-n-sliding Shoemaker style (you know, naked!) and Jaden was running around in the buff. Julian got the bowtie and put it on Jaden and we would see Jaden run past the kitchen in nothing but the bowtie, arms outstretched yelling “SUPERMAN!” It was sight to behold – a true up and coming Chippendales! Too bad the camera wasn’t in arms reach. :(
Anyway, Congratulations Shawn and Christi! We pray that you will have much success in your new life together.


If you would like to view the rest of the wedding pics click HERE.



6 responses to The Wedding

  1. You did a great job on the photos. I enjoyed looking at them with you last night. Good eye!

    I wish I could’ve seen the little Chippendale in action!

  2. Oh and Congratualtions to Christi and Shawn!!

  3. Congrats! Nice job on the wedding pics Karen.

    Jaden, naked, with bowtie….cracks me up! :rotfl

  4. Karen you did an awesome job and we are so thankful for your labor of love. I really do think you have a gift in photography and one of these days you will be able to use it more. Thank you again for all the help and work and especially Thank you to Jaden for being so cute!!

  5. Jaden looks so hansome!! You did an awesome job with the pictures! I love how you placed everyone for the group shots, looks like you’ve been doing it for years!! Can’t wait to see you this week, e-mail me back woman!! LOL love ya!!

  6. Awww. . .you guys are too kind! I have to say that I was extremely nervous when I got the picture cd’s and started putting them in my computer. I was just hoping that they turned out! I’ve had those moments when you develop a roll of film and the camera was on the wrong setting and it just looks terrible or 1/2 the picture is black or something.

    They definitely are NOT professional, but at least you can see who is who in the pictures! whew. . .

    It was fun! I actually think I would like to do it again sometime.