The Wildlife!

May 19, 2006

Wow, I haven’t posted for a few days and I am ready to post and everything about my blog looks different! So, here goes. . .see if we can figure this one out. Thanks to James we now have smilies. If you want to add one to your comment just click on the smilie that you want and it will be added where your cursor is at. Thanks, James!

It’s been amazing to me the wildlife I have seen at my house just in the past week. Here are just a few of the things that have passed through our yard. I didn’t take any pics of the horses across the fence, the groundhog, rabbit or the coon a couple nights ago.

This very pregnant little possum was carried into our yard by Lady Dog from next door.

Lady Dog with the kids

Have you all been seeing an enormous amount of ladybugs?


It amazes me how those big black ants help the peonies to open! I heard of a lady that noticed all the big ants and killed them thinking they were going to hurt her flowers. They never opened.

white peony

Check out the babies!

I was really surprised to see these two geese proudly waltzing their little babies up and down our yard. They were adorable!

When I see all these wonderful creatures feeling at home around us, it makes me very thankful that we live away from town!



13 responses to The Wildlife!

  1. Wonderful Photos! You’ve must have one powerful zoom on your camera. Evely just cracks me up how she has her hand behind her back like that all the time!!! Does that picture with Lady mean that she is ok? I know you were afraid she has died. See ya Sunday!

  2. Cool pictures. I wish we had more wildlife around here. Well, besides the four kiddos!!! HEHE! :rotfl

  3. No, that picture was taken before she came up missing. We still haven’t seen her :cry

  4. I don’t have a zoom on my camera that is really any good, but it has that awesome macro setting. I use it quite frequently for stuff like the lady bug.

  5. Great pictures. I am sorry to hear that Lady Dog hasn’t shown…

    Evely stands like Julian used to do!!! Do you or Tom do that too?

  6. Yeah, Mary, I noticed that when I posted the picture. I don’t really know if we stand like that. All our kids have stood with their hands behind their back like that. I’ll have to start noticing how we stand.

  7. That is one of the great things about living in the country! Love how Evely is standing like Julian used to do at that age…very funny!

  8. I LOVE IT, I love animals. Have always had domesticated and wild animals for pets all my life. Squirrels, 3 coons, cats, dogs, and daddys Opossum, and many more. I have deer day and night here. I’ve walked so much on this road, they are not afraid of me. Have the pics to prove it. I love to see the deer in our yard. They do eat peoples flowers. I just don’t plant the kind they like anymore. Tulips, they love them. :eek I had my walk with GOD and nature today, I pray aloud and wonder of his glory. 😉

  9. That’s really neat that the animals are not afraid of you anymore! The ones around here are, they are not really frequent visitors. They are the kind that just pass through on occasion.

    We do have some groundhogs that raise some babies in the field behind us every year. This year they have tunneled under our barn and so we see them in our yard. They are really cute! I saw one last year balancing his great big body on the top of a barb wire fence line eating leaves off a bush. That was amazing!

  10. Tori used to stand with her hands behind her back, palms flat against the small of her back, with her fingers tucked in her diaper. I thought this was odd until one of the church nursery workers commented that she was just copying how I would tuck my hands in my back jeans pockets. Oops!

  11. The other day my Mom told me that I was walking with my hands behind my back like this. She also said that my Grandpa had told her when he saw Julian walking this way, that a person can put their hands behind their back and walk a really long way because it’s a comfortable way to walk. Hmmmm.

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