This Year’s Caricatures are In!

December 15, 2006


Since Tom has worked for CMH, we have thoroughly enjoyed going to the big Christmas party they throw for their employees and families. They have Waldenbooks there to give free books to all the kids, Santa, magic shows, face painting, crafts, lunch and caricatures. We love doing the caricatures and seeing how our little family has grown and what they portray us as. So here are the ones this year. . .

Aren’t we a lovely couple!!

We seemed to have stepped into a new era with our family. We have always been pushing a big stroller, carrying diaper bags and bottles. Someone was always in terrible need of a nap by the time we left – but not this year. We sported a single backpack and three walking children that stayed with us! What a new season for us and I think it is proving to be more fun than before.

Here are the kids at the Hyatt. Everything was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. They loved the fountains and the escalators.

We went over to Union Station to check it out. They have these really great model trains running. There are many trains, tracks, sets and more. It draws quite a crowd and is free. The kids loved looking at all the fun sets, Thomas is even there in one part.


We took a cat walk that goes from Union Station over to the Center and walked all the way there. The Center was extremely crowded so we didn’t stay long but just walking and seeing all the Christmas decorations was a blast. Here is the family on the walk overlooking Union Station.


So many of our family events usually ends up with someone having a meltdown or some sort of small catastrophe happening – it’s the nature of having young children. This day, however, was extremely fun! It was a 9 1/2 out of a 10 for me. I look forward to more family events now that the kids are getting a little older. What a joy they are!



4 responses to This Year’s Caricatures are In!

  1. HaHa! Jadens smile in the last picture…priceless :-) :rotfl

  2. More non-meltdown times await you!! It’s already so much easier for us. The family activities are more fun than ever!

    I love the family sketch! What does it say by Evely’s head?

  3. It says “gimme hug”. I think it is cute. Yeah, I can see much more fun times in our near future. Easier and more fun! Can’t wait.

    Yeah, Megan. It’s not often that we get to capture one of Jaden’s big grins in a photo. He is usually serious. You will see in my next post of our family pics.

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