Time for the Traditions to BEGIN!!!

November 29, 2007

I think I have been ready for Christmas season to begin since Halloween! It has arrived and I’m getting into the spirit. I have over half my shopping done and I’m hoping to finish early so that I can just enjoy the festivities, the cookie making, goody baking, Christmas movie watching that we all love to do each year.

Last Monday we started our season by getting out the tree. The last few years I have started a tradition of making a Tea Ring to get the night started as we decorate the tree.

Yes, it’s missing a big bite because of my hunny!

It’s always a big deal to get out the ladder and haul everything out of the attic.
This year all the kids crawled up in the attic.

I remember this as a child too. My Dad would head out to the very cold garage and set up the step ladder and begin to pull out the magical boxes that held our Christmas memories and finery. It was always such a great night. I loved to get under the tree with Mike after it was decorated and stare up into the tree for hours – or so it seemed.

Last year at the end of the season we purchased a new tree. So the kids had as much fun with the Pirate Ship, um. . I mean the box as they did putting up the decorations.


One of the traditions that I happily pulled out of the boxes was my GREEN BOW!! I wear this thing all season long and I love it. I always get such a kick out of the responses I get from people. It’s such an elegant looking bow that I can tell some people aren’t sure if it’s a joke or not.

Isn’t it GREAT!!??

I look forward to sharing some of our festivities along this silvery magical road to Christmas and to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus with you.

God Bless all of you and I hope you enjoy your families and the blessings that we have this season.



11 responses to Time for the Traditions to BEGIN!!!

  1. You guys make me smile!! We are just getting the tree up but we buy one so it takes a few days to get everything going. I’m so thankful that I’ve known you long enough to recognize “the bow” and it makes me laugh out loud. Love you!!

  2. That bow makes you look like the little girl from the animated Grinch movie!

    Glad to hear Tom is getting into the spirit. There is nothing I like more this time of year than getting all the decorating done so that we can sit back and enjoy it. That is why I always use my birthday as an excuse to get started on the decorating, so I can squeeze the most time out of the season possible.

  3. That’s awesome. I love part about Tom needing motivation to get into the spirit. Stephan often needs motivation as well, funny how men are. Very smart with the food thing, can you share the recipe?

  4. :birthday Carl! I think birthdays would be a good excuse to get Christmas going!

    Rolanda, I will post the recipe soon. It’s a big tradition that started when I was a little girl. My Mom always made them and we eat them on Christmas morning.

    Hey, Mic! Miss you!!! sniff. Need to get together soon!!

  5. Great pictures! Isn’t it great now that all the kiddos are old enough to participate? I love your bow by the way.

  6. Love the bow…I really gotta get one of those!

    We pulled the tree out yesterday & I believe what my husband said to me was “We can get all the Christmas crap out if you really want to …but don’t expect me to crawl up in the attic or anything”. Merry Christmas, baby….Merry Christmas…. :rolleyes

  7. Karen, finding that bow at the DAV is a cherished memory of mine. We laughed so hard. The bow must go on year after year. I loved borrowing it the year I worked at Wal-Mart during Christmas. People gave me the funniest looks. I had a great time visiting with people about the bow!

    Great pics. I can’t wait till we get together and bake.

  8. Yup, it was definitely THE find of the century! It is a favorite memory of mine too.

    I’m looking forward to the Christmas cookie bake off. I have a feeling we may end up doing most of it. . . :p

  9. I can’t say I blame Tom for the big bite! I looks scrumdiddilyumpscous! The kids are SO cute in the box; you can just hear their imaginations going! As for the bow, why in the world would anyone think it a joke? I think it makes you look just lovely! And the fact that it was a DAV find… EVEN BETTER! Was the scene doubled over, gasping for breath, tears welling in your eyes? The thrift shops are always excellent spots for that to happen!

    Thanks yet again for the smile and chuckle! Hope you, the kids, and I suppose even Tom have a wonderful Christmas and are nothing but blessed in the coming year!

  10. Sweet bow…I’ll have to borrow that for sure!

  11. Hey Carissa! Thanks for dropping by. I’ll try to make you all a tea ring for Tom to bring to work. Will you guys be working togther soon?
    Hope you and your hubby have a grand Christmas too!!

    Ethan, I’ll let you borrow it – but you must treasure it like a priceless antique.