Too Nasty not to Share!

January 3, 2008

Okay, I’m weird. I must share this with you because it is just too amazing.

This week I came down with a bunch of canker sores in my mouth. It started last Saturday and by New Year’s Eve I was in serious pain. Still am. The sore on my tongue just kept growing and growing and I finally had to go to the Dr. yesterday. I totally freaked the doctor out and he just couldn’t get enough of looking at it. He prescribed some anti-virus meds, swish and spit with lidocaine and Vicadin. Yup, I’m a freak!

So I must show you a picture. ..

If you are squeemish, don’t look.





11 responses to Too Nasty not to Share!

  1. That is seriously disgusting. I, like your doctor, could not drag myself away from admiring the horror of that sore. Hope you are better soon.

    P. S. Tori says, “Yuck!”

  2. You know, that’s the worst sore I’ve ever seen. I’m speechless! I’m glad you went to the Dr. Did he take any pictures to publish in a medical journal? Because that has to be some sort of record for mouth sores!!

    *You know, if you just go out to your organic garden and pick some fresh goldenseal root you can make a nice strong tea from that and swish with that a few times a day also. That’s what I always do 😉

  3. Thanks, Martha! I appreciate the recipe. I’ll put on my parka to try to find that root tomorrow.

    You know, we had dentist appointments today and I took my lidocaine swish and spit to numb up before my cleaning. They wouldn’t touch my mouth! Go figure. They were appalled and the whole office wanted to look at it. I’m enjoying opening my mouth, rolling my tongue over to the side and watching the horror on people faces.

    Evely’s is the best. She keeps asking to see it and then the look on her face is priceless. It’s brand new shock over and over.

  4. Sorry, Tori.

    Mary, maybe I’ll see ya tomorrow. Yeah.

  5. Yeah and it feels weird when I kiss it. :puke

  6. Karen!!!!! :eek

    You were nice to talk to me or anyone for that matter! :cry

  7. Tom, good thing it’s not contagious! :love

  8. Now would be a good time for your Dental check up!! 😀

  9. You know, Kenny, I went for my checkup the day after the Dr. – he thought I should keep my appointment. They wouldn’t touch me!! Go figure!! They rescheduled me for two weeks later and thought I SHOULD be healed up by then. I hope so! I’m still in so much pain after a week.

  10. Okay ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. You can kiss my cheek, but don’t lick it, kk? xoxo

  11. okay…….Stacey :disgust