Trip Moments

October 6, 2008

Several weekends ago we headed back to Branson for the third time this Summer. Yes, the third time! We were so blessed to receive Silver Dollar City Passes from Uncle Mike and Mom and Dad for Christmas last year, so we are making good use of them.

This was a really fun trip! The kids are getting to that GREAT age where traveling is easier and lighter and they love the theme park. Here are a few pics of our trip:

Here is Julian in Grandpa’s Mansion. The rooms are funky and weird. This room is on a big slant. You can literally stand and lean really far forward and it looks like you are standing straight. Anyway, Julian looks like he is leaning on some strange guys belly here.

Jail Birds

Jail bird flying away. I love Ev peeking up over the edge.

The big highlight of this trip was that Julian actually rode the Powder Keg with Tom. It is a huge rollercoaster and Tom can never get anyone to ride it with him. Julian decided to buy a wallet and it had “Powder Keg” written on it. He decided he needed a story to go with the wallet and took the major plunge and rode the ride. He was very brave!!

A pic of Mom and Dad when we were leaving the park.

Fun times….good memories….



3 responses to Trip Moments

  1. Wow – to ride that Powder Keg! Julian is a lot braver than I am! Nice pictures!

  2. Yes, SDC is a very FUN place. This past summer was the first time in two yrs we didn’t buy season passes, so it felt odd not to be going down to Branson at all this past summer. But we had our hands full with baby Karsen. 😛

  3. I have pics of me looking through the bars of that jail when I was Julian’s age!