Tuesday is the Day

January 23, 2010

Just a quick note to let you all know that Mom is leaving Hospice House on Tuesday. We are starting to get the house ready for her arrival. Appreciate all your continued prayers.

I’ve been also getting Evely a new bedroom. She turns the BIG 5 years old this week and so she has requested a pink room that looks like a girl. I think she is tired of the boys leftovers and the blue. So Tom and I have spent a good part of the weekend painting. I’m excited to get her room done and will post picks when it’s finished.



4 responses to Tuesday is the Day

  1. 5 – really?! Yes, she needs her own identity in her room. Praying for that transition back home for your mom.

  2. Wow….God is good….all the time! Will continue to pray and rejoice for this extra gift that you have been given! I also can’t wait to see Evely’s pink room! What fun! I remember the fun we had in decorating the girls room….it’s so much funner than boys! :)

  3. Hey Karen, thats good to hear. Hopefully she can find out about a treatment that might work for her. I am praying for that. Morgan wants to know what day is Evely Birthday. Morgans is the 30th.

  4. I am a voice from the past, Judith’s cousin Paula (Uncle John’s daughter). Please tell your mother I am praying for her. I remember visiting Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Leona’s farm when I was a little girl. Such wonderful experiences for me. I still have the ring I lost in the hen house, that Uncle Gilbert found some 30 plus years later and mailed to me. I cried when I opened that letter. The many miles between our families and now the many years that have past create a void that can only be filled with love of family and God. Having read back on the updates, I can feel comfort in the care and grace that has blessed Judith in her constant battle. My love and prayers to each of you. Cousin Paula