Uncle Mike

November 28, 2005

My older brother, Mike, lives about 3 hours away and so we don’t see him as much as we would like. With everyone’s busyness of life and work we only see him on the big occassions. He was sick this year on Thanksgiving and didn’t come down until the day after. (We don’t really go around Mom if we are sick).

Evely being spoiled!

We made the most of it by getting started on Mom’s Christmas decorating.


The boys had fun with Uncle Mike. It was such a beautful day they road the gator around the yard quite a bit. This was his Christmas gift to the boys last year. He was able to get Jaden on the thing this time which is a great feat! Jaden usually runs screaming when Julian rides it.


Good to see you, Uncle Mike!



7 responses to Uncle Mike

  1. I miss Mike’s big laugh!!!

  2. I have to say that Thanksgiving wasn’t the same without you, Mike. Hope you’re feeling better & that we’ll see you at Christmas!

  3. I miss Mike too! WOW, Julian is getting tall. Sounds like you all had a good Thanksgiving. Crystal and I went out to Colorado again this yr to spend Thanksgiving with Crystal’s aunt (along with her Mom and another aunt, grand total of 12). Instead of staying in Denver this yr, we went up in the mountains to Estes Park. It was beautiful and cold. Friday night after Thanksgiving the town has a annual parade. You may have heard, parts of I-70 are closed, we left just in time or we would have been snowed in!! Say, “hi” to al l for me.

  4. Colorado sounds fun, Kevin! Glad you didn’t get snowed in. ‘Course getting snowed in can always be fun, too.

  5. What great pictures. Jaden looks so proud sitting next to his OLDER brother!

  6. Karen you do such a good job with this site. God sure blessed you with a lot of knowledge. We sure do enjoy looking at it. Looking forward to spending Christmas with all of your family. We love and appreciate you.
    Love Mom & Ross

  7. Thanks, Rita, for your kind words!! We had fun at Christmas! Thanks for all you do for us and the kiddos.