Update on Mom

August 24, 2009

Mom and I at a local tea room a week ago.

Today my Mom went to the Dr. for the results of a very important PET scan. They found that the cancer in her abdomen is holding about the same and another spot up on her clavical area actually shrunk some. The Dr. is pleased that it’s at least holding steady and not getting worse. He knows that its not a perfect situation, but the goal right now is to give her as much time as possible and in a way in which she can cope. So they will continue to go forward with the same treatments they have been giving her. She takes chemo 5 days in a row and then is off for two weeks after that and then starts over again.

Even though this report is not remission, we praise God for the report. It was a good one and is encouraging to us. Mom is such a trooper. I seem to learn so much from her each day. She is able to give me a perspective that I haven’t experienced before. She helps me to look at life one day at a time and to leave the gift of life in God’s hands. It is a place of resting and peace that only knowing Jesus can provide. I say that in the most earnest way that I can!

Thanks for your continued prayers. We appreciate them so much.



5 responses to Update on Mom

  1. Karen,

    It’s so good to hear the good report. What a nice picture!

  2. Wow! What 2 good looking ladies! That is such a great picture!!!
    By that picture, Karen, a person would not know Sis is having any ill days.

    I still stand that God will complete what has been started in Sis.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love ya all.
    Aunt Carolyn

  3. You two look terrific!

    Love ya both!

  4. I love going to tea rooms; I am glad the two of you were able to get out. We continue to pray for Judy.

  5. Karen what a lovely pic of you two and a memory to hold .

    Your mom and her family are in my prayers yet. God bless you all.

    I also love tea rooms. There was one at the lake I enjoyed and they tore it down a couple of years ago. So sad. I loved CATHERINES TEA ROOM.