Update on the Dr. Visit

October 1, 2006

Mom posted this under the comment section earlier. I thought I would post it here in case someone was wondering and didn’t read the comments. Thank you everyone for praying. Mom’s doing better and glad that the stint removal is behind her now! Is wasn’t too big of a deal like she thought it might be.

PRAISE THE LORD!!! In case you haven’t heard, to make a long story short, the doctor was able to remove the stint in his office today. He gave me some antiabotics, but I am doing fine after the “ordeal.”

Girls, thank you so much for the scriptures. They meant more to me than you have any idea. I read them before I left for my appointment. I needed all that encouragement not only for today, but just to keep trusting the Lord to bring more complete healing!! GOD IS SO GOOD even when “the going is tough.” Judy ~



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  1. Praise God!

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