Visiting the Past

June 25, 2008

One thing that Tom and I did this Summer was attend his 20 Year High School Reunion. Wow, that was jsome great people watching! I only knew a couple of people and no one very well so I sat and stood and perused all the chatty people, looks of surprises, open mouths, and name-tag glancing around me. It was quite an interesting evening.


Here we are at Mom’s. We dropped off the kids for the night and then took off for the Downtown Marriott where the event would take place. It was quite stressful trying to figure out what to wear. It was tagged a “semi-formal” affair and so what does a person wear? We settled on black and white outfits and I about laughed when we walked in and almost everyone was in black and white.


They had a good turnout; these are most of them in the picture. I would say there was about 250 people there including spouses.

Here are some of Tom’s really good friends from high school.

The really fun part of the evening was watching Tom interact with all of his old friends. He was obviously well-liked by all and everyone seemed to know him right away. Many people came up to me to tell me how much they loved Tom and how he hasn’t changed a bit. It was nice to see him with all his past friends.

The weird thing about the whole evening was that when I walked into the place, I just couldn’t get over that I was at this huge “middle-aged” party. I kept thinking how old everyone looked but then I realized that I am as old as they are! It still feels weird when I think back on it.

I remember one time my Mom said that she was asked the question “What is one thing you never thought you would get to do”. She said “Grow Old!” I can truly understand that. I know that 38 is not OLD, but it is definitely not young anymore. I looked at our crows feet in our picture and I think that life is certainly flying by. Each day is precious; one to be thankful for and taken note of.



3 responses to Visiting the Past

  1. That was so much fun. I was actually nervous when I got there, not knowing if I would remember everyone’s name. We were given name tags with our high school picture on it so it made it easier to recognize and man these people have definitely grown up. So many memories were brought up, many I haven’t thought about in 20 years.

    I must say, my high school experience was the highlight so far of my life. I went to school with some truly unique people and we all were great friends. Black, white, latino, asian-we all loved each other and that night it showed. The ones that came are all very successful in their life’s endeavors. We also had a silent time for the ones that have died.

    We stayed until close to midnight and I exchanged emails with a few from our band so we could get a mini-reunion there. Yeah I was a band geek, in fact the leader of the band geeks (drum major) so seeing everyone out of uniform and undisciplined was maddening.

    Okay maybe not, but it was great to dress up and get away for the evening. I was very proud to have my friends meet Karen. She looked awesome!

    Can’t wait for the 30!

  2. Karen, you look beautiful!!!!!

    Tom, I’m glad you had such a fantastic high school experience. I was glad to leave and haven’t looked back. It sounds fun to revisit such a cherished time of life.

  3. You two look so great!! 😆