We won!

March 3, 2006

I have to share this really fun experience with you all. Part of you will say “I guess you just had to be there. . .” But it was just so funny.

Last Sunday we met some friends at a pizza place for lunch after church. Then a whole bunch of other church people showed up and we had the whole back half of the place filled with friends, family and lots of kids! We were having a good ‘ol time.

I noticed that my Julian was in this heated conversation with my Dad. I finally figured out what the fuss was about. We were sitting next to THIS!

A kid’s big temptation!

I kept explaining to Julian that you put money in that machine and you just always lose. After quite the discussion I said “Okay, Julian, here’s two quarters. Go play it and when you lose I don’t want to hear any more about it! ” (I am such a nice Mommy :( ).

So he goes over to the machine and WINS!!! Yeah, we all just started hollering and exclaiming with delight that we couldn’t believe he had won. So we gave him two more quarters because his little friend McKenna wanted a bear too. Guess what. . .!!! He won AGAIN!

Needless to say, everyone started digging for quarters and going to the cash register to get quarters for bills. The kids were moved over so all the adults could play. I think 5 animals were taken out of that machine.


We drew the hugest crowd ever and each time the hook was centered and dropped, people cheered or groaned if the animal fell off. Once we had two animals in the hook and it dropped off at the last minute. With that one my Dad said “Man, you’d think this was the super bowl!” He was right.

You can see all the adults gathered in the mirror
This is one of the “wins” being pulled out of the bunch



7 responses to We won!

  1. I miss you guys!!

  2. Too funny! Did you get something for me?

  3. Hey Michaela!! Thanks for visiting! I can’t wait to finally see you at the retreat.

    Well, Julian has decided that the fox he won isn’t really for him – you might talk him into giving it to you, Jules.

  4. That was the weirdest/funnest time at Original Pizza. Yeah, Michaela where are you guys? Julian was the hero for a while then everyone including the teens were winning and he kind of took a back seat. I think he wanted to win everyone else’s animals. Jaden, Oh my gosh, was ON A MISSION FOR ANIMAL! I tried to tell him to let me get the hook in place and he could hit the button. He hit the button as soon as the quarters dropped. Then Julian reached over my shoulder and hit the button intentionally early the next time which of course sent Jaden through the ceiling. When we were reloaded with quarters we finally got the cow Jaden wanted and you know what? That little %#@$* walked around pouting as if to say “What took so long?!” He was so cute though walking around with a stuffed cow.

  5. McKenna spent the WHOLE WEEK playing dress up with her new teddy bear (which she insists is a mouse). At one point she had the bear/mouse fully clothed in one of Maya’s dresses (tights and all!).

    Fun times……….fun times :-)

  6. I keep thinking about the next time we ever go to Original Pizza! We better be prepared with a pocket full of quarters. . .or else!

  7. You know it!